The Truth about Hypnotic Seduction

This story that perfectly illustrates how hypnotic seduction works in reality is written by Richard.

Many years ago, I had a friend called Mark who was very successful with women and he attributed it all to hypnosis.

Myth or Fact: How Does Hypnotic Seduction Really Work?

Imagine the scenario: teenagers standing around at a large club - the young men leaning on the bar drinking lager and looking at the young women. The young women dancing in a circle around their handbags, pretending that they weren’t looking at the young men.

The club was quite big with tables around the perimeter, well established couples were sitting, talking intimately and drinking.

The more we young men drank, the more Dutch courage was acquired in order to equip ourselves mentally for that most difficult of tasks which was to ask a young lady for a dance.

For some unknown reason this simple process had its own little rituals and processes which at the time made approaching women one of the most daunting necessary skills for a young man to acquire.

Needless to say, we were sizing up the women in very much the same way they were discussing us. Finally, one of my friends said to me, pointing at the most beautiful girl in the group. “I bet that you dare not ask that one for a dance!

The girl he was pointing out was a vision - a truly beautiful girl. If you’re a man, you can understand when I say that she was that aloof - looking type and so perfectly put together that you would naturally assume that she had a very good-looking and probably very large boyfriend lurking somewhere.

As I have always been keen on a really good challenge and had consumed enough alcohol to make me very brave indeed, I replied: “No problem... watch this!”

I placed my beer on the counter and the first interesting part of the scenario was the direction in which I headed. Remember between our group of young men and the ladies was nothing but about 20 feet of open dancefloor.

Did I walk straight across the dance floor? No. I had no real confidence.

I walked around the perimeter, weaving my way through the tables and eventually reached the other side of the dancefloor where the girls were dancing and looked across at my friends at the bar.

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By this time they were laughing, lifting their drinks to wish me good luck and, shall we say, gesticulating inappropriately.

After a minute or so, I managed to push my way through the circle of young ladies and stepping over handbags, walked up to the girl and said “I don’t suppose that you’d like to dance with me would you?

She turned round, looked me up and down and replied “No thanks!” and carried on dancing with her friends.

Once again, I didn’t take the direct route and fought my way back to my friends on the other side of the dancefloor by the scenic route. I had no confidence. When I once again picked up my beer, the guy who had encouraged me to try my luck, knowing full well what had happened, smiled and asked me: “How did you get on?

Up close, she is not all that great looking," I lied “A waste of time. If she didn’t want to dance with me, she won’t dance with anyone. So forget it!

Just at that moment, my little friend Mark rocked up to the bar, ordered himself a beer and scanned the dancefloor just as we had been doing, pointed to the group of girls dancing around the handbags and said “Wow! Look at that one! She looks fantastic! I think I’ll go and ask her for a dance!

I smirked. "Listen, Mark, I’ve tried. Crashed and burned. If she didn’t want to dance with me, there is no chance that she is going to want to dance with an ugly little guy like you."

Mark, who was very short, badly dressed and quite ugly put his beer bottle down on the counter said “Watch this!” and walked straight across the empty dance floor to the beautiful girl. Within 30 seconds she was dancing with him.

Much later, I asked Mark how he had managed to get such a beautiful lady to dance with him, bearing in mind that he was not as tall as I am, not as good looking as I am etc etc. “Hypnosis,” he replied rather mysteriously. “I hypnotise them and then they’re putty in my hands.

Does Hypnotic Seduction Really Work?

For many years, I actually believed what he told me - that he hypnotised the beautiful lady into liking him - it was the only logical explanation!

And I have to admit that I became quite interested in hypnosis, in the mistaken belief that it was the answer to all my failures with women. If only I could hypnotise them...

A few years later, I met up with Mark and he told me his real secret. He had been toying with hypnosis but his interest was in self hypnosis - and he had trained himself to believe that if any girl rejected him, it was her loss,not his.

It wasn’t all in her head – it was all in his!

Hypnotic seduction works - but not how most people imagine it. You hypnotise yourself into having confidence with women, and then you are fine with any outcome - which usually leads to success!

That particular evening, Mark's attitude was immediately conveyed by the fact that he walked straight across that empty dancefloor, was smiling, in the full expectation that whichever of the women he asked to dance, they would dance with him.

Mark was sure he would attract women easily because he successfully hypnotised himself into having inner game.

In fact, he remembered that evening and said that when he first asked that particular girl to dance she’d said “No”. He just smiled back at her and said “Come on! what have you got to lose? You’re not shy, are you?

Apparently she’d smiled back at him and said “Okay. Just one dance!” By that time, he was already holding her by the hand, pulling her onto the dancefloor…

Mark hadn’t been wasting his time trying to learn how to hypnotise women. He had worked on his own confidence and to the extent that he’d developed an ego with its own ZIP Code - he trully became an alpha male thanks to hypnotising himself - and he had absolutely no fear of rejection, which for any teenager is probably the biggest issue that is ever dealt with. It’s almost the teenage Holy Grail.

You will be pleased to hear that all that self hypnosis work Mark did as a teenager is still apparent all these many years later.