I've Got 99 Problems... Or Do I? - Brennan Smith on How Predictable Problems Actually Are

One of the really cool things you would probably experience if you took the time to study human behavior patterns, is that you’d start to see all human behavior as more predictable and more normal – basically, you would no longer have “problems.”

Heck, maybe you’ve even started doing that by reading this post. I mean, you are studying human behavior right now, aren’t you?

We All Have Problems

We’ve all heard people rattling on about their self-esteem “problem” and their weight “problem” and their anxiety “problem”, etc.

And these things do create some seriously problematic symptoms and emotions and challenges in people’s lives.

But the fact that we all have these “problems” in the first place is predictable for each one of us. Studying the brain and human behavior patterns for a decade has been a lot of fun, and it has made life a lot more fun along the way.

More importantly, it has given me the opportunity to help a lot of people live happier lives, which is really fulfilling for all involved. Along the path of education, I kept “running into myself”, of course.

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A textbook or teacher would talk about a behavior pattern, and I’d see the part of me that lives that pattern every day. Pretty soon, I was seeing myself all over the place -- sometimes my biggest challenges, and other times just little things.

By the time that happened over and over again, and then hundreds of clients had come through my officetalking about the exact same “problems” that I had seen in myself, it became pretty clear that our problems -- those things we think of as flaws that absolutely must be eradicated -- are predictable patterns of human behavior that are pointing the way to happiness.

We Usually Have Only 1 or 2 Major Themes

You see, most people only have 1 or 2 major themes that they will face for their entire lives.

All the other niggling little stuff comes out of those 1 or 2 majors. Once we’ve identified what our major life lesson area is (for me, it’s my ego’s need for the approval of others), then we can dig deep in that one area and notice how all the little stuff that we thought were 100’s of other smaller challenges just go away along with the big one (though let’s be honest... the big ones never actually go away... we just get really good at catching them before they get out of hand, so that we don’t have the undesirable results we used to get when the “problem” was running our lives without our knowing it).

And as we’re learning about our particular “major,” we start to see that a billion other people have the same one – so it isn’t really a problem at all, it’s just human behavior.

The more we learn about it, the more we own it, and then we can choose to change it or just laugh at it and go on living our lives.

This begs the question: what is YOUR major human behavior pattern that will teach you the biggest lessons when you choose to learn how others have overcome it? The longer you spend pretending it’s not there, the more you sabotage your ability to be happy and move forward in life.

On the other hand, the more you make that old pattern your bi-atch (yeah, I said that), then the more you can count on life generally rolling your way. Declare it now. Write it in the comments, and make it public. I guarantee you 14,732 other people (+ or - 17) will have the same one when they read this.

Name it, and then go after it. You’ll be really glad you did.

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