How to Write Powerful Affirmations and Boost Your Success With LoA

You have asked very specifically for what you want. You have infused that desire with intense emotion. Congratulations! You’ve planted your first seeds. Now, whether you’re growing a flower or a forest, some seeds will sprout quickly and others need time to germinate -- that is how manifestation works.

While you are waiting, you can make sure that your seeds have rich and fertile soil to nourish their growth.

Giving yourself positive, personal affirmations enriches your soil so that the seeds you plant grow deep, healthy roots and explode your results with the law of attraction.

You know this, because you can think of that one time you thought “I know this is going to work!” and it did, just as you knew it would. Or that time you thought “This is a big mistake” and you did it anyway, and you were right again.

So you know that you are more receptive to your own thoughts and feelings than to anyone or anything else’s. Which means the most effective hypnosis you experience is the hypnosis you give yourself. And an easy way to be your own hypnotherapist is to create or discover affirmations that are simple and personally meaningful.

Here’s how positive affirmations work with law of attraction.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word Affirm means “to state as fact; to assert strongly and publicly.” Also “to offer emotional support or encouragement, or to give life a heightened sense of value, typically through the experience of something emotionally or spiritually uplifting.” Sound good so far?

Affirm comes from the Middle English to make firm, and from the Latin to make strong. If you think about castles, roads and aqueducts, those guys knew a thing or two about strength.

But here’s the one I really like, from West’s Encyclopedia of American Law: “to declare a judgment, decree or order valid and to concur in its correctness so that it must stand as rendered.

When you make an affirmation, you state as fact, strongly and publicly, that your life or an aspect of your life is: + generating a heightened sense of value + uplifting your experience + that this decree is valid, correct and must stand as rendered!

So what’s the best way to create an affirmation?

In the way that is most natural for you. If it doesn’t feel right, or if you can’t believe it when you say or write it, then make adjustments until you find something that fits. Just like the temperature for the perfect hot bath, when your affirmations are right you just know it.

Qualities of a well formed affirmation:

  1. Make it positive. Talk about the things, qualities or circumstances that you want.
  2. Make it now. Either “I have a strong and healthy body” or “I am getting stronger and healthier every day.” In the present, already here, or already arriving. Avoid future tense (saying “I will have a strong, healthy body” could mean any time in the future... or never).
  3. Infuse emotion. Deep, intense, powerful emotion. It changes your brain chemistry, it changes your cellular receptivity and it supercharges your affirming.
  4. Say, write, or think it regularly.

When do you use your affirmations?

The tool that works is the one you use consistently, so use affirmations in any situation that lets you establish a routine around them.

You can use your affirmation as a mantra, as a meditative focus. Your subconscious mind will accept any consistently repeated thought as truth and your brain will seek out patterns to match that truth without your even knowing it.

The first 30 minutes you’re awake and the last 30 minutes before you sleep, your mind is naturally more receptive, so this is a great times to take advantage of your natural suggestibility.

When doing something ordinary, like washing your hands, you can take a moment to look in the mirror, state your affirmation and see it in your own eyes. Before a meal, during commercials, prior to starting your car or while waiting at red lights are all good times to affirm yourself and your desires.

You plant a seed. You water and nourish it routinely. Roots break out, and tendrils shoot up. They find the light and the air and bloom for all to see. The blooms mature, release their own seeds and your process of growth continues. Now that’s something worth affirming, don’t you think?

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What are your tips on using positive affirmations to boost your results with the law of attraction? Please share your thoughts in the comments.