How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking (Video)

In the video Brennan Smith, the hypnotist who has reccorded all the Natural Hypnosis mp3s and audio CDs, talks about how hypnosis can help you remove your fear of public speaking.

We are All Able to Conquer Our Fear of Public Speaking

He says that, just as we've learned to be afraid to speak in front of others at some point in our lives, we can learn NOT to be afraid. It is Brennan's belief that we are all natrually charismatic and powerful and know how to act so that people like us - and that we can all learn how to reduce, fight, control and conquer our fear of public speaking.

Then Why are Most of Us Still Searching for Ways to Reduce Our Fear of Public Speaking?

The problem is that we often burry that part of ourselves deep within. Download our mp3 that Brennan pre-recorded to help you get over that irrational fear, so you can finally overcome your fear of public speaking - click here.

Also, here's a transcript of the video in case you'd preffer to read, rather than watch. Enjoy!

I think by now everybody's already heard that whole thing about people fear public speking more than death and all of that.

One way or another it's just a harrowing experience for a lot of people. As somebody who has done a whole lot of public speaking in order to get comfortable with public speaking, I know that can be a longer journey.

I also know that it can be made shorter. All we need to do is excellerate the learning of a few key principles of really comfortable, good physical presence, vocal presence and public speaking.

Once those are solid and the person can trust their skills, they take it from there.

Your unconscious knows how to be powerful and charismatic. It's built into us, we can do it. But, there's just layers of things that get in the way. Things that we've learned somewhere.

Well, if you've learned that somwhere along the way, you can learn something new. Because we're great at that. So that's what we do (during our hypnotic sessions), and pretty soon people stand taller, they project stronger and their charisma enhances.

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