How Hypnosis Helps You to Get the Mindset of the Rich and Wealthy

The primary complaint that I’ve heard when helping people try change their money consciousness is that they can’t seem to stick to a plan. They’ll read a book that has great advice (more on those later) and the strategies and ideas that the book recommends will get them started on a financial path... that soon peters out into a dead end.

Are these dead ends all based on belief systems? Not necessarily.

We recognize that there are actual emergencies or major life events that can force our financial strategies to get de-railed by the pressure they put on our pocket books. But that’s rare.

Far more common are the times when our own beliefs about money and/or our lack of ability to follow through and stay committed to new beliefs and strategies that we read about are the culprits to the yo-yo effect of bringing in good ideas about money (wealth goes up) and then sliding back into old spending habits (wealth goes down).

One of the reasons this happens, in my opinion, is because wealth-building isn’t very exciting at first.

When you first start to develop the millionaire mindset, and start taking all the right actions with your money, you might be using really, really small amounts.

The right actions, using really small amounts, still work... you just can’t see them working. That can be so frustrating that people choose to give up instead.

Look at it this way: Start with a penny and double your money every day for 30 days.

  • After the first 10 days you’ll have $5.14.
  • After 20 days you’ve got $5,263.36.
    You can already see how it’s easier to stay motivated between day 11 and day 20, because you’re starting to make hundreds and then thousands of dollars per day.

  • By day 30, you now have $5,389,680.64.
    That’s a 10-day difference of $5,384,417.28 (but in the first 10 days it only changed $5.13).

Now change the game so that the penny only doubles once a year for 30 years.

Is it still worth it to stick to the plan for 30 years, knowing that you’ll end up with over $5 million?

Of course it is. But how would you feel at the end of 10 years of doing all the right things, and only seeing $5.14 in your investment account?

This is where hypnosis supports people who are excited and committed to changing their mindset about money. Hypnosis helps the commitment stick, so that your wealth can continue to grow using well-tested strategies that work for everyone who commits to them.

When it comes to choosing those strategies, there are three books that I most highly recommend. They are:

  • T. Harv Eker’s “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”;
  • Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”; and
  • “The Millionaire Next Door,” by Stanley and Denko.

Each of these by itself creates a powerful shift in money consciousness. Put together, they are almost unstoppable.

My view of money changed dramatically in 2007 when I came into contact with these ideas. I already had hypnosis working for me, because I had been a hypnotist for years at that point, so I knew how to commit to something and condition my mind for success. I just didn’t have any strategies in place!

At that time, my financial life was a mess. I had a barely-running car, the cheapest apartment I could possibly find to rent, and over $100,000 in debt.

I had grown up in an upper-middle class home, but hadn’t been taught anything more than how to balance a checkbook. We just didn’t talk about money.

Suddenly, when I read those three books (and took Eker’s 2-day free workshop based on his book), it became clear that I was avoiding financial reality, and using spending as a self-esteem booster.

Immediately, I put the strategies from the books into practice using hypnosis to condition the new behaviors and beliefs, and to strengthen my commitment to changing my life.

I’m not even through that first 10 years yet, so when I look at the actual dollars in my investment accounts, it looks a lot more like the $5.14 we talked about above (OK... it’s more exciting than that, but compared to where I’m going it’s pocket change!)

But using the strategies I have in place from these 3 books, strengthened by my hypnosis-generated mindset, every projection I make shows quite clearly that by the time I retire those investment accounts will be in the double-digit millions.

Get a strategy that works for you, then stick with it. That’s hypnosis that will help you think and grow rich.