How Can You Attract Health with LoA?

As you’ve been reading the Law of Attraction topics we’ve written about, there’s one step we hope you’ve noticed in each of them – getting in touch with the inspiring, positive feeling of being your true self, doing your favorite activities, having the life you want.

The Red or the Blue Pill?

Remember that when you even pretend to feel an emotion, your brain produces the chemistry necessary to feel more of it.

Very quickly, you find it hard to know whether you’re still pretending or if you really feel that good.

It makes sense, really, that just as your brain and body respond to your thoughts of wealth or love, they also respond to thoughts of physical well-being.

You’ve already heard about the placebo effect – someone takes a fake pill believing it to be a powerful drug and really experiences the benefits of the drug they think they’re taking. There is nothing in the pill to account for the change. It is due solely to that individual’s belief.

The good news is that you don’t need a fake pill.

You’re way smarter than that. You know that you can adjust your internal environment so that it invites better physical, mental and spiritual health and makes them feel right at home.

At this point, you have every right to say to yourself, “But I have ___*insert diagnosis here* ___!”

If you’re alive, and because you’re reading this we assume that you are, you can create opportunities for better health.

What are Your Limits?

There may be limits to how much better, true, but who decides what those limits are?

Your doctor may tell you what s/he projects or imagines to be the most likely scenario for you, but those projections are based other people with similar conditions: people who don’t have your beliefs.

Your doctor knows this. Doctors know that no one can predict the outcome for a single individual, because of the physical and mental uniqueness of each person. You get to choose how this goes, from here forward, and we’re recommending that instead of choosing based on the “average” person (which is how your doctor is making decisions), you choose based on the best possible outcome you can imagine.

Determine the level of health that you want then take the steps that move you in that direction.

Even small changes make a difference, especially when it comes to your belief systems.

Whether your issue was due to stress, weight, pain or illness, what’s more important looking forward is what’s possible, and consistently feeling happy - feeling the feelings of joy and inspiration and comfort and aliveness that automatically swell up inside you and infuse every part of your being when you imagine full healing - laughter helps too.

Somewhere along the path, are you maybe going to have tough days that don’t seem so inspired?

Sure. On those days, it’s important to start with simple pleasures. Can you blink your eyes? Pet a dog or cat, coo at a baby, smile at a stranger, savor a cup of tea... anything that brings comfort.

Then you can begin to dream more beautiful dreams, and remember your fondest memories, and tap into the richness of being fully alive, right?

As you think of better days to come, let yourself get creative. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what you vividly imagine - that’s what lets us get swept up in a good daydream, movie or book.

Do you want to climb Machu Picchu?

Imagine it. Make it real. Feel the sweat of your back, the strain of your muscles, the weight of your pack, the thinness of the air and the view from the top. Imagine the sense of overcoming, persevering, relief and overwhelming pride.

The more detail you add the more realistic it is and your neurology will respond in kind.

If you’ve been around people who are going through serious health challenges, you can easily tell who is a diagnosis victim and who is “living with ___ diagnosis“... (emphasis on living!)

Attracting health is just that. It’s not about illness, it’s about vibrant, pleasurable health. It’s not about pain, it’s about rich, peaceful comfort. It’s not about limitations, it’s about adventurously tapping into all possibilities abilities. It’s about hope and love and living.

You can learn to follow the inner self, the inner physician that tells you where to go. Healing is simply attempting to do more of those things that bring joy and fewer of those things that bring pain.” -- O. Carl Simonton

Used in the right way, the Law of Attraction can help you be healthier. That is why we have recorded a LoA hypnosis session for attracting health. Enjoy it!

Does your mind help you remain healthy? Or are you facing certain problems? Please share your insights into how LoA can help with your health.