Take Courageous Action

Use hypnosis to overcome fear, build courage and take action to say, do and get what you want!

Take Courageous Action CD Album Cover
  • Has fear ever stopped you from making a phone call, asking for something or expressing your opinion?
  • Do you sometimes find yourself in situations where you should defend your convictions but you freeze and stay silent?
  • Do you regret not acting when you had the chance?
  • Do you think your life would be any different if you were able to act upon what your heart and gut were telling you was right?
  • Do you want to finally overcome these fears and to be able to try the unknown? Do you want to be able to experience life to the fullest?

Fears have stopped too many people from following their dreams - you know what it's like: you're presented with a wonderful opportunity that could change your life, but you chicken out. And not only that, fear prevents you from telling a rude neighbor how you feel about them, which then pulls you in an endless loop of regret and reproach.

There's no worse thing you can do to yourself than to write yourself off as a coward, as someone who just doesn't have what it takes to do or say what they want. Once you enter this enchanted circle of negativity, it just keeps pulling you in deeper and deeper and it's really difficult to get out of it.

That's why we have created this hypnosis audio - to help you to gain control over your fear and to never again let it stop you from doing something you really want to do!

Hypnosis can help you to override the blockages and fears that have been holding you back and to cut the patterns of thinking that make you feed your negative self-beliefs further. Suggestions that you'll receive during the session are designed to make you just jump over your fears and to have courage to take action when you need it.

This album targets the parts of your subconscious that will:

  • Help you to change the way you view your past encounters with difficult or challenging situations. Right now most of your blockages come from your own interpretation of the past situations when you were unable to react the way you wanted to. Hypnosis will help you to analyze and to properly structure them in your subconscious so that they lose their power over you. This will prepare you for facing all future situations with courage and readiness to explore the options and to take action.
  • Help you to build the resources within you that will enable you to face any big or small challenge with courage. Hypnotic suggestions will trigger your own internal mechanisms of eliminating fear and help you to build on them so that you will have complete faith in your judgment and your ability to deal with the challenge you're facing.
  • Make you less sensitive to fear. You will be so focused to what you want to do that you will be able to disregard your fears and to just jump over them. Your actions will be lead by your heart, not by your self-imposed obstacles.
  • Make you deeply understand that you have the right to express yourself and to act upon what feels right. You will stop belittling yourself in your eyes - you will accept on a deep level that you are worthy, that your opinion matters and that going after what you want is something that you just naturally have to do in order to grow.

What to Expect

Everyone experiences hypnosis differently but you may expect to be sleepy during the session, although you may recall everything that's been said to you afterwards. The experience is relaxing and very pleasant - after the session you will feel refreshed and positive about yourself and your life.

Short Term

After the first few sessions you can expect to discover that your past mistakes aren't making you feel so bad about yourself. You will accept them as something that doesn't define who you are and you'll feel that you're able to move on. You will be more calm in mind and generally more positive.

Long Term

Over the long term you will notice that you are less fearful when facing some challenging situation. You will gain a deep sense of self and it will only get stronger with time, gradually turning you into someone who is naturally following their heart - you will never beat yourself up over missing an opportunity to do or say something, because you will simply lose the need to stop yourself and you will be driven to follow your desires!

Download this album now and change the way you react to life's challenges - gain courage to act on your dreams and feelings and never miss an opportunity again!