Endless Energy Levels

Tap into your own endless source of energy - raise your energy levels naturally with help from this unique hypnosis audio album.

Endless Energy Levels CD Album Cover
  • Do you often feel tired, even when you just woke up in the morning?
  • Do you use a lot of caffeine or energy drinks or other stimulants to keep you awake and alert?
  • Do you notice that you're less and less able to finish your tasks due to the lack of energy? How much does that influence your motivation?
  • Do you want to naturally boost your energy levels and to be able to spend more quality time with your children, do accomplish more at work or to devote to a hobby?

We all sometimes need a "shot in the arm" to get through the day: with so much daily obligations, it's no wonder we get exhausted. Stress gets to us without us even noticing it, and it's relatively OK as long as it doesn't happen often. But if fatigue and lethargy become a permanent state it becomes more difficult to manage it with stimulants such as coffee and energy bars, not to mention how damaging those can be to our health.

Perhaps you didn't know that we all possess a limitless supply of energy within us. Most people don't know that either because they're not in touch with it - just like you, they get too busy to explore the possibilities of their mind to tap into and enhance these natural energy flow, so they accept that it's just how it is.

Actually it's quite easy to connect with this endless energy supply and, once you do, you can plug yourself in it any time you need a boost, and hypnosis can help you to make it even easier. Through a relaxation technique that puts your mind in a state when it's extremely suggestible, hypnosis can help you to establish a strong connection with the parts of it that control the level of alertness and to activate them at will. What it actually does:

  • It helps you to connect with the sources of power and energy within. You know how you can sometimes just affirm that you're awake and alert, even when you're dead tired, and really be awake and alert? Your mind is able to control this, but when you do it while fully conscious it requires a lot of energy and the effects aren't lasting. On the other hand, when your mind receives this kind of suggestions in a state when of full relaxation, close to sleeping, it's able to raise the energy levels with much less effort and much more efficiently. This album was designed to do exactly that - to train your mind to activate this energy supply at will, in the most natural way possible.
  • It helps you to relax without feeling fatigue. Relaxation that you will feel during the session will have a prolonged impact, refreshing your body and providing more clarity to your mind.
  • It can help you to raise your energy levels over the long term. If you continue to use this album, it will create lasting changes to your mind so that you generally feel more energized and that you need the "shots" of extra energy less and less.

What to Expect

If this is your first experience with hypnosis, you should know that it's possible that you fall asleep during the session (and it's OK). The voice of the hypnotherapist will first give you suggestions that are meant to relax your mind and body, and then it will take you on a pleasant journey in your mind after which you will feel that your inner energy is awakening.

Short Term

Even after the first session you will be surprised to discover how much energy you have. You will feel relaxed and alert, and you will experience this energy boost after each session. These are short-term effects that you can make use of at any point you feel low and need an energy injection, with no consequences.

Long Term

If you use this album regularly you will notice that your overall energy levels are much higher than before, that you're more relaxed and that you have more strength to do your tasks or to enjoy your hobbies.

Do a favor to your body and stop damaging it with caffeine and energy drinks - use hypnosis to help you to naturally elevate your energy levels and finally get the chance to do everything you were too tired to do up until now!