Shopping Addiction

Overcome your shopping addiction; take back control of your impulses and spending habits once and for all!

Shopping Addiction CD Album Cover
  • Do you ever wish you could resist buying useless items?
  • Do you never seem to have enough clothes in your wardrobe for specific occasions so constantly buy new ones?
  • Do you needlessly waste money on frivolous purchases?
  • Do you find it difficult to know when to stop buying when out shopping?
  • Do you want to overcome your shopping addiction with the help of hypnosis?

Shopping addiction can range from obsessively bargain hunting to excessively buying anything from clothes to food and can be an extremely difficult and sensitive subject to tackle. The consequences are mainly loss of trust from others around you, feelings of despair and of course a serious loss of control and lack of funds and savings.

Shopping is such a normal part of our modern society, it can be so easy to go from enjoying shopping socially, to it becoming a problem.. and worse, because it is such a normal thing to do, it is hard to know when the line has been crossed, or indeed, how to stop and get help...

... until now.. And this is why we have created this album - as yes, we do recognize shopping addiction as a serious issue, and yes, hypnosis can help.

Hypnosis can be an extremely successful way to overcome an addiction. It works by reaching into your subconscious mind, altering personality traits, beliefs, and patterns of thinking - to ultimately change your outlook and attitude towards your addiction. In this instance, changing how you think about shopping and which emotions are triggered by it.

Here is a closer look at how this album helps, it will:

  • Refocus your mind so that you are 100% focused on stopping excessive shopping. This solid foundation comes first - it will set you up for success - when your main priority is overcoming your addiction, and you truly want it and are absolutely focused then everything else starts to fall into place.
  • Think more logically about what you have and what you need. This album will increase your ability to appreciate what you have more and you will start to become more aware of the items you already own. This can help you stop buying items simply because you think you need them when realistically you do not - you will become much more rationally minded and more in control of your spending urges.
  • Mentally be able to sort out your priorities in terms of shopping and be able to decide what you are able to afford and what you cannot. Hypnosis can help you become more aware of your actions and help you take a minute to decide if you are able to afford something or not.
  • Acquire the “saver’s mindset” rather than a “spenders mindset”. You will find yourself more inclined to save. You will see the positives of saving and you will start to want to save more than you want to spend, eventually to the point where it is just natural to save money and you don’t get the impulses to go shopping anymore.
  • Learn to say no to yourself and start to gain some self-belief that you are able to do this. Only be increasing your motivation not to give in to your inner desires and growing your self-discipline will you be able to overcome your shopping addiction, this album goes further - it will give you strength of mind and a greater level of discipline to stay on track.
  • Become better at budgeting money. As you get better and better you will start seeing your savings mount. This will further motivate you and you will actually want to begin to keep track of your money and savings and really take control of your finances.

What to Expect

This album is a calming and relaxing experience. You may or may not remember everything which is said to you as you are led into a natural, relaxing trance state of mind. You will be guided to examine your shopping addiction and the thoughts you associate towards shopping and your patterns of thinking will naturally be changed from within - so that in time you start to acquire a very different attitude towards shopping.

Short Term

The main early results you will experience are an increase in willpower and a feeling of being more in control. The more you listen to the album on a regular basis, the more you are able to increase this as much as possible. You will really get a strong desire to want to change and you will find yourself feeling better and better the more you resist and the more you save instead of spending.

Long Term

Ultimately this session will change the way you think about shopping from positive to negative, and instead you will see the positives of saving instead - you will leave your shopping addiction behind, it won’t be a struggle anymore, you will simply become someone who naturally manages their money, is free from impulses to shop and spend and who is fully in control of their spending without even thinking about it.

Take control of your shopping and spending today - make a change in your habits which will positively change your future, forever!