Addiction Withdrawal Relief

No matter what addiction you are trying to overcome, this album will give you extra support, willpower and strength of mind to push past your withdrawal symptoms without looking back or giving in to temptation.

Addiction Withdrawal Relief CD Album Cover

This album has been made without a specific addiction in mind.

This means that whether you are trying to quit alcohol, smoking, chocolate or shopping, you can use this album to strengthen your willpower, resist against cravings and withdrawal symptoms and increase your chances of successfully quitting and moving towards a brighter future, free from addiction.

  • Do you suffer from an addictive personality?
  • Do you want to gain the strength to overcome your withdrawal symptoms and cravings?
  • Do you often quit, move away from your addiction and do really well for a few days or even a few weeks... only to get intense cravings and give in to them?

If you really want to gain strength against your cravings and get past this difficult point in gaining freedom from your addiction then this album will help you.

Moving away from a long term habit or addiction can be frustrating to say the least - if you are reading this page then you know you have 95% of what you need - mainly that you really do want to change, you want to move towards a new positive life, free from your addiction...

...when you think about it and plan it in your head it feels amazing - you can visualize yourself free from your addiction, and happy - and because of this, because you can visualize it, then it really is possible...

It's just that in-between now, and this future visualization you can create, there is a really uncomfortable phase - the part where your cravings and withdrawal symptoms are at their most intense, and they can trip you up and send you back to square one.

There is literally just this one step holding you back - you have the initial drive and the ambition to quit that most don't have, and after this stage of withdrawals it gets a lot easier - just this one small thing is holding you back, and that is why have recorded this session.

To help to make this stage easier for you, to lessen your cravings, give you relief from your withdrawal symptoms and help you to stay mentally strong.

Just imagine how much more successful you would be if you were resistant to these cravings, if you could easier push through them without as much struggle. You would quit, you would succeed, and you would achieve the future you envision for yourself - it is really possible!

Here's a little more on what to expect from this experience.

What to Expect

Above all, this is a relaxing experience. The session itself will help to de-stress you, and this alone can help you to stay on track during a tough day.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg - the real experience is in the deeper hypnotic trance you will experience and that your subconscious mind is accessed directly; to change the way you feel towards your cravings and how they affect you.

Short Term

This album will help you in the short term. It will change your response towards your cravings and withdrawal symptoms on a core level - it will change how your cravings affect you.. and with the help of this hypnosis session they simply won't affect you as intensely anymore.

They will still be there, but not as strong, and you will be able to recognize your addiction, know you are on the right path, and keep focused on the positives of quitting. You will feel good when you experience cravings, simply knowing that you are doing the right thing and changing your life -your whole experience of quitting will be much milder.

Long Term

Over the long term your resolve will strengthen and you will be much more relaxed and at ease. You will gain confidence of experience - you will know the worst is behind you and each wave of cravings and withdrawal symptoms will be lesser and lesser. You will feel each wave coming, milder than the last and you will simply know that you will resist - that you have changed on a core level and you are taking 1 step closer to real freedom as each wave passes you!

Gain a helping hand today and an increased chance of overcoming your cravings and withdrawal symptoms - and move towards a brand new life, free from addiction!