Self Discipline

Increase your levels of self discipline naturally and become much more productive with help from these powerful hypnosis mp3s!

Self Discipline CD Album Cover
  • Do you struggle with self discipline?
  • Do you work productively in a group, or when you are made accountable, but fall apart when you are left alone or have to work by yourself or on your own personal projects?
  • Do you find yourself starting a task full of motivation, but after a while you procrastinate and lose your discipline?
  • Do you wish you could increase your levels of self discipline and therefore bring a much higher rate of productivity to everything you do?

Just imagine how much more work you would get done (or how much more studying you could do?) if you were motivated and self disciplined at all times - and just imagine how much more successful this would make you!

If you struggle with self discipline then you are holding yourself back even more than you realize. It’s not that you are not intelligent, or “good” at something which is limiting you, but your own levels of discipline - your ability to stay focused and on track, and your ability to keep working to your targets no matter how boring or unpleasant you find something.

There is good news - this doesn’t have to be the way forever - if you struggle with self discipline then hypnosis can be a really powerful way to change your inner thought patterns and re-organize your mind for success.

Our increase self discipline hypnosis mp3s work by entering your subconscious mind naturally to:

  • Firstly target and eliminate the negative patterns of thinking and self talk which are the root cause of your discipline problems. Your patterns of thinking on a deep subconscious level influence all of your behavior externally, so once you are able to break these down and eliminate them you can start fresh and start building positive patterns of thinking.
  • Secondly, Brennan (your hypnotist) will begin to make subtle hypnotic suggestions which will plant the seeds of positive beliefs into your mind - seeds which will grow and grow and develop into positive self beliefs, and ultimately a pro-active mindset and a disciplined approach to life.

Ultimately, this album will transform your habits and behaviour on an external level. You will acquire the type of mindset and way of thinking as the people you currently envy and look up to - those people who are naturally motivated and self disciplined, those people who always get things finished and stay dedicated to their targets even when things get tough (or boring).

Once you start thinking in the same way as these “naturally” disciplined people, then you too will see your levels of discipline sky rocket, and because of this you too will become much more productive and see much more success in everything you set you mind to!

What to Expect

Listening to this album is a pleasant experience, but it can be emotional and moving. You will be guided to look at your habits and behavior patterns in a way you may have insulated yourself against previously, then our hypnotist Brennan will gradually guide you through changing any limiting patterns of thinking to help to naturally increase your levels of self discipline from within.

Short Term

The first things you will notice when using this album will be increased feelings of positivity and that you will become more pro-active. You will want to work harder, you will want to get things done, and you will find yourself simply taking action and getting things done much more naturally.

Long Term

Your mindset will start to change on a deeper level; you will think about how fantastic you will feel after completing tasks rather than the chore of actually doing them, and your self discipline will naturally increase each time you listen until being naturally disciplined and sticking to your intentions just comes naturally to you.

Download this self discipline hypnosis cd today and become the productive, disciplined, and successful person you know you can be!