Be More Decisive

Let this hypnosis album penetrate your subconscious mind to create thought patterns that will help you to become a good decision maker who takes everything into account and doesn't hesitate once the choice is made.

Be More Decisive CD Album Cover
  • Do you hate it when it's up to you to make a decision, in personal or professional life?
  • Are you often afraid that you'll make the wrong choice?
  • Do you jump into conclusions and make impulsive decisions?
  • Are you more prone to base a decision on your gut than on objectively analyzing the situation?
  • Do you want to change the way your brain works, to become able to base your decisions on strong data and analytic, and to be as sure as possible that the decision you made is the right one?

In life there are almost no guarantees that you've made the right choice - it could only happen if you were in possession of all relevant information and if you knew all possible outcomes, and that's rarely the case. But we all have to make choices, and we have to stand behind them firmly even before we have the proof if the decision we made was right.

The effects that a poorly made decision can have on your personal life or career can be disastrous, something that you'll feel sorry about for the rest of your life, and you're aware of that. That's why you're hesitant, especially when something important is at stake, and that's why you rather rely on your gut - the burden of thinking it through is too much to handle so you just want to get over with it and to put it behind you.

Unfortunately that has proven to be not the best way to decide on the course of your life - you might as well toss a coin and hope for the best. But some people do it differently. They have an almost infallible way of making the right decision: they're able to take all the available info into account and to do a thorough analyze of the situation, but most importantly - they are able to exclude emotions (fear, impatience) from their decision making process and to make it as impartial as possible. You know that this system beats yours, right?

If you want, you too can acquire this thought process through the use of hypnosis and to program your mind to be more involved in the process of making a decision. Hypnosis helps you to focus your mind on the benefits of making the right choice so that you stop avoiding going for the easier solution (your gut) - it makes you realize that decisions are a normal part of life, nothing to be afraid of or to run away from.

It helps you to develop a mindset of a solid decision maker by stimulating the parts of your mind responsible for logical thinking while in a relaxed state close to a trance. In this state your mind is more susceptible to the suggestions of the hypnotherapist, so it will absorb them more easily, allowing the new thinking patterns to form without obstruction from your conscious or subconscious minds.

This hypnosis album was designed to:

  • Make it less tempting to base your decisions on "tossing a coin" or your gut. You will be able to exclude the emotions from your process and you will gain patience to analyze the information and the situation in order to come up with the best possible solution.
  • Make you more focused on the benefits of making the right decision. You will stop putting it for later, you will be driven to do the research and to decide as fast as you can, but with no rush. The importance of the right choice will be so present in your mind that you will want to do everything right.
  • Make you more confident of yourself. You will stop second guessing your decisions as you will be confident that you've analyzed it from all angles.
  • Reduce stress caused by the feeling of inadequacy to make the right choice. As you become more certain of your process you will stop feeling insecure and stressed out about it. You will significantly reduce the possibility of making some disastrous choice which will naturally lead to feeling more calm when faced with the need to make a decision.

What to Expect

Listening to this album is a pleasant experience - you will be relaxed, perhaps even asleep, you'll feel safe and comfortable. The visual journey that you'll experience is designed to remove all tension from your mind and body, and afterwards you'll feel calm and ready to face any challenge.

Short Term

Everyone reacts to hypnosis differently, but you can expect to see the first results after only a few sessions: you will notice that you're less stressed about decision making and that you're more curious about the circumstances that could influence your choice.

Long Term

Over the long term this album will make deep, lasting changes to the way you perceive and react to the need of making a decision: you will realize the responsibility with it and you'll generally be more careful and thorough about it.

Don't wait any longer - download this hypnosis album and become a kind of person who is simply decisive, who knows how to reach the right decision and who isn't afraid of it!