Remember Your Dreams

Use hypnosis to help you to remember your dreams, regularly and in more detail. Find out how it works and how you can use it today.

Remember Your Dreams CD Album Cover
  • Do you often wake up, remembering that you had a great or important dream, but can't remember what it was?
  • Is is important to you to be able to remember your dreams upon waking?
  • Do you wish you could remember more than just vague details of your dreams?
  • Do you wish to be able to recall your dreams in detail so that you can interpret them better?

Some people are convinced that they never dream, while in fact they just can't remember their dreams upon waking. Not being able to recall a dream is a common thing, and you know that it can be pretty frustrating when you remember the feeling you had, or some detail, but you can't recall the entire thing. The dream may have had an important message for you, but you can't decipher it because you can't remember.

Hypnosis can help you to change this - by putting you in a state of deep relaxation, when your mind is open to suggestions, the hypnotherapist uses a set of carefully chosen images to rewire the way your subconscious works and to make it more focused on remembering what you dreamt.

Remembering your dreams can help you to understand how you subconsciously feel about various people and situations, to explore solutions for some complicated situations in the real world, to become an active (lucid) dreamer who controls what he will be dreaming about - but you can't use any of that if you can't remember. Using hypnosis you will:

  • Be able to efficiently remember what you were dreaming. hypnosis will make your mind more focused on your dreams so that you'll be more aware of them while and after sleeping.
  • Have more dreams, dreams that are more vivid and have more meaning. Hypnosis will also enhance the importance of your dreams and their power so that the "story" in them becomes more consistent and, if you want, more related to your real life.
  • Be able to analyze your dreams and perhaps to detect a pattern. When you remember what you dreamt, you can start writing your dream journal and analyze what your dreams are trying to tell you.

What to Expect

It's best to listen to this album right before bedtime as it will completely relax you and prepare you for sleep. If you choose to do otherwise, you should know that during the session you will probably feel sleepy but after it finishes you will snap out of it, refreshed, and you'll be able to go on with your day.

Short Term

This is a fast acting album - you will notice the first results even after the first few sessions. You will start dreaming more often and you'll be able to recall more details.

Long Term

Over the long term the effects of this album will build and you will notice that you can consistently remember your dreams, and that you can recall every detail. Eventually this will come to you naturally, and you'll even be able to reach the point where you're completely aware of your dream while having it and to control what happens.

Download this album now and prepare to explore your dream world with no limitations - develop your ability to remember your dreams to the fullest!