Ignoring Snoring

Sleep through your partner snoring with help from this mind penetrating hypnosis session to help you to ignore it naturally and get to sleep.

Ignoring Snoring CD Album Cover
  • Are you a light sleeper?
  • Does your partner start snoring pretty much as soon as his or her head touches the pillow?
  • Are you constantly feeling sleepy, tired and nervous because you can't get enough sleep?
  • Did you already try using every available method to help your partner to stop snoring?
  • Do you want to become immune to your partner's snoring, to be able to completely ignore it and to sleep like a baby whole night long?

They're the ones making the noise, and you're the one who can't fall asleep! Night after night, you're already used to nudging your partner, putting the pillow over your head and expecting that you will get enough sleep only if you manage to steal an hour or two in the afternoon.

You're perhaps thinking about getting separate bedrooms, but you know it's going to kill the intimacy between the two of you. Fortunately you don't have to - you can train your mind to ignore the sound of snoring and start sleeping like a baby in one bed!

Hypnosis can help you to put a stop to the expectation that you have developed: your reaction to your partner's snoring has been conditioned, you have associated going to bed with the anticipation of not being able to sleep well, and you start listening out for it. This expectation makes it worse, and you're now even more susceptible to the sound of snoring than you'd normally be.

With hypnosis, you can un-learn this behavior of your mind and actually train it to stop hearing the sounds that aren't letting you relax and sleep. Hypnosis directly targets the patterns in your subconscious that make snoring so unbearable and changes them into something much more acceptable.

How it Works

This session uses the power of hypnosis to help you to ignore, and sleep through your partners snoring - it's that simple! It works in 2 main ways:

  • To stop you from anticipating a bad night. Your conditioned belief that you won't be able to sleep due to your partner's snoring makes it difficult to actually fall asleep even when the snoring doesn't occur, and when it does, you feel it much more disruptive than it would normally be. Hypnosis will help you to break this conditioned belief within your subconscious and to start anticipating a good night sleep instead, and your subconscious will start acting accordingly and allow you to fully relax when you go to bed.
  • Make you habituated to your partner's snoring. You know how you can sometimes switch off when there's a lot of noise around you - you stop registering the noise and you move on with the conversation or whatever it is you're doing. Your mind is able to stop consciously hearing the noise, even though it exists, and hypnosis will enhance this ability and help you to "switch off" when your partner starts snoring.

When you can do this it will bring some amazing changes and benefits into your life:

  • Get to sleep faster and easier than ever before - get to sleep NATURALLY!
  • Stay asleep! You won't be woken up by your partner!
  • Or if you do wake up during the night and they are snoring you will just be able to ignore it and get back to sleep.
  • Find a better relationship with your partner - stop arguing because of snoring, stop resenting each other and continue with your relationship without this being an issue at all!
  • Achieve greater focus during the day - you will be focused, switched on and ready to go!
  • Be HAPPIER! you will stop being grumpy, stop feeling like a zombie, and feel fresh and alert each day.

Ultimately, you will finally be able to sleep through the night, every night! You will be more clear of mind, focused and alert during the day - after having had a sound night's sleep where your partner's snoring doesn't keep you awake - you will be able to focus and concentrate during the day, and you will find more success in your day to day, your career, and your life because of it!

What to Expect

This soothing album will help you to relax and to release the tension you get from going to bed. The soothing voice of our hypnotherapist will guide you through a visual journey that will help you to effectively block out the disturbing feeling you get from snoring, and after listening to it you will feel positive and energized as if you just had your first night of sleep.

Short Term

This is a fast acting album - you will be able to notice the first results even after the first session. You will feel more relaxed about going to bed and, as you see that your partner's snoring is bothering you less, you will become positive about your chances of getting normal sleep during the night.

Long Term

Over the long term you will learn to completely ignore the sounds your partner makes. You will be going to bed confident that you'll get a good night sleep, each night. You will also notice that you're generally much more calm and positive as the nighttime stops being a cause for stress and becomes your source of rest and relaxation. Not to mention that you'll finally get that beauty sleep!

This session can transform your entire life - Click below to download this album right now and put a stop to sleepless nights - learn to ignore your partner's snoring and go to bed certain that you'll sleep through the night, every night!