Peak Motivation

Use hypnosis to effectively motivate yourself in sports, business, careers or any other aspect of your life whenever you need it.

Peak Motivation CD Album Cover
  • Are you constantly setting goals and giving up on them after a while?
  • Do you lack the will to win?
  • Do you procrastinate even when you should work on something really important?
  • Do you want to become self-motivated and to finally achieve your life goals?

When it comes to achieving success in any area of life, goal setting is only one half of the story. You have probably set so many goals that you can't even remember them all - but how many have you really tried to achieve? The other half of the story, the thing that stops most people from getting where they want in life (be it studies, weight loss, career or anything else) is motivation, and if you have left most of your goals on paper you probably aren't on first name bases with it.

Being self-motivated to work just a little bit harder, to study just a little bit longer, to stick to your diet plan just one more day is what separates the achievers from those who always make plans and never execute them.

If you want to become an achiever and to reach the goal line you have to develop a system that will make you motivated from the inside, independent from any external conditions - to feel compelled to achieve your goals no matter what. This internal motivational system needs to became a part of who you are, and hypnosis is one powerful way to integrate it into your set of beliefs and thought patterns.

Hypnosis uses a particular state of mind, when you're completely relaxed and particularly open to suggestions, to make you visualize the outcome you're hoping for and to make you excited about it so that you become naturally driven to achieve it. It helps you to discover what kind of emotion works best for you and to create a mechanism that you can use in any situation when you need extra motivation.

This album will work in three main ways:

  • Sharpen your focus on your goal. Your goal will no longer be something distant, something that requires you to face many obstacles. Hypnosis will help you to feel it as something intimately important to you, it will become something that occupies your mind and that's within your reach. You will form a clear path towards achieving it and it will become almost impossible to distract you from it.
  • It will create a strong attachment to your goal in your mind. When your goal is clearly present in your mind and when you're emotionally attached to it, you naturally become compelled to work towards achieving it. No task will be dull, no goal will be distant or difficult to achieve - you will just be stepping over the stones and doing what needs to be done.
  • Create a lasting system that you will be able to use at will. Hypnosis will help you to define your internal triggers and train your mind to effectively respond to them whenever you feel the need for extra motivation. With time, you will be able to use this system for any goal at any time.

What to Expect

This album will completely transform the way you view your goals and the tasks that you have to complete in order to reach it. During and after the sessions you will feel that your enthusiasm is rising and that your motivation is becoming stronger and stronger. This album will also remove any tension related to sticking with your plan - you will be calm and relaxed, and your thoughts regarding your tasks will become increasingly positive.

Short Term

Even after the first session you can expect to feel an avalanche of enthusiasm related to the work that you have to do. You will become more aware of your goals and you will notice that you aren't putting it away as much as you used to.

Long Term

Over the long term this album will help you to establish an internal system that will allow you to recognize earlier when your motivation is failing you and to take action. You will know exactly how to react in order to stay motivated and you will be compelled to make choices that will help you to stay on track with your goals.

Download this transformational album now and learn how to stay motivated when you need it the most - never lose sight of your goals and make sure that all of your actions are there to support them and to get you closer to them, one step at a time!