Enhanced Memory

Use hypnosis to enhance the performance of your memory - experience what it feels like to easily retain the information and to recall them with no effort, at the exam or in any other situation!

Enhanced Memory CD Album Cover
  • Do you often find yourself preparing for the exam, reading through a few pages and not remembering a single thing?
  • Do you get easily distracted while learning?
  • Do you know the feeling of drawing a blank when you need to recall a name, a fact or where you have put your car keys?
  • Do you want to be able to retain new information more easily and to have faith that your memory will always serve you well?

A good memory is obviously very helpful when you're at school (just imagine how much more time you'd have to hang out with friends and do something more fun than studying!), but it's generally a skill that can improve you life in practically every area: someone who's able to easily retain and quickly process the information is seen by others as not only knowledgeable, but also reliable and professional. Not to mention that you'd never lose your car keys again!

In order to have an excellent memory there are some key factors that you should pay attention to: for example, you must intend to remember the information and develop an interest in the subject; you should be able to easily associate a piece of information that you want to retain to an image or an emotion.

All of these key factors are easily enhanced through hypnosis: as hypnotic suggestions are given in a state of deep relaxation, your subconscious is extremely susceptible to the stimuli that targets the parts of your mind responsible for controlling your permanent memory. This way the suggestions penetrate deeper and cause lasting changes to your ability to retain and recall the information you need.

Hypnosis for enhanced memory works in 3 main ways:

  • It clears your mind and enables it to focus better. Hypnosis helps you to clear the clutter and to minimize distractions while studying. You will be more focused on the immediate activity (be it studying or talking to a business partner) and your mind will be prepared to take in the new pieces of information without getting distracted.
  • It "trains" your mind to efficiently retain the information. Your mind will learn how to quickly associate a new piece of information to a symbol or emotion that has an intimate meaning to you, so that you will develop the ability to properly store the information and to access it with no effort.
  • It helps you to develop an interest in what you want to retain. It's really difficult to retain an information when you have no personal interest for it; hypnosis can help you to develop that interest and to become really motivated to remember things you want to remember.

What to Expect

This album can produce lasting changes to the way your brain stores and access new information. It will do so by taking you on a relaxing journey to the depths of your mind, sending hypnotic suggestions through a series of images that will help you to relax and enhance your memory at the same time.

Short Term

People react differently to hypnosis but you can expect that your memory will improve even after the first few sessions. You will notice that your focus on the immediate activity is much better, that you're fully present and that you're remembering more information than you used to.

Long Term

Over the long term you will discover that your memory has dramatically improved: your mind will be wide open and it will retain the new information with ease. You will be able to easily recall names, dates and even large chunks of information needed for your studies; above all, you will have complete faith in your memory and the only thing you'll forget will be what it feels to forget something!

Let hypnosis help you to enhance the key factors that influence your memory and develop a natural ability to retain and recall the information quickly and easily!