Why Choose Gastric Band Hypnosis?

Knowing what you know now about gastric band hypnosis and how it works, let’s consider what happens in the real world of everyday living.

  • When undergoing gastric band surgery, healthy food choices become paramount.
  • Your stomach can’t hold much so what you take in has to be nutritious.
  • Also, certain foods will cause discomfort since they can’t be normally digested.
  • Many clinics that offer this surgery also educate their patients about proper nutrition after surgery, but not all provide ongoing or follow up care.

Now think about this.

Picture a friend who is overweight because he/she has a habit of eating foods that are high in fat or simple carbohydrates, or even healthy foods in large quantities, opts for a surgical solution.

This person has tried every diet & exercise program, taken appetite suppressors or “fat-burning” pills, even fasted in the effort to lose weight.

This friend meets with various levels of success using these methods, but every time any weight gets lost, it’s quickly regained when the diet’s done.

There is shame, guilt, and despair. “If nothing has worked, there must be something wrong with me.”

Suddenly, gastric banding sounds like a miraculous, fool-proof choice. “If I can’t eat very much, I’ll have to lose the weight. I can’t fail.

The gastric band surgery goes beautifully.

  • Pounds start falling off and everyone is amazed at the changes our friend is making. Following the new diet is challenging but the early results are worth it.
  • Then, life happens... a fight with a loved one, a bad day at work, a pot-luck party, a holiday dinner. Is nutritional training enough to keep our friend eating healthy food in appropriate portions?
  • One incident after another, “just this once” thinking comes into play. Old habits start sneaking in unnoticed. Weight loss stalls, then reverses. Studies show that within 2 years our friend is likely to be right back to pre-surgical weight or heavier.

But let’s consider another scenario.

Our friend, rather than opting for surgery, chooses to undergo gastric band hypnosis.

He/she learns proper nutrition as part of the hypnosis program, just like the info offered by surgical clinics.

However, our friend also learns essential life skills:

  • How to cope with life’s ups as well as its downs.
  • How to be motivated by personal goals and strengthened by every success.

Negative thinking and old habits lose their power. Healthy food choices are conscious and deliberate rather than compulsive. Exercise becomes easier and more fun. Pounds start falling off and everyone is amazed at the progress our friend is making.

When life happens with all its joys and pain, because gastric band hypnosis is more than a nutritional program, our friend can experience ups and downs without getting lost in them.

She/he can balance thoughts and feelings with self-awareness, understanding and compassion. Even if old coping habits start to reappear, our friend can now recognize them as part of the past which has no place in this present moment or the future. No guilt, no shame, just proof that you are still human and still learning.

Most importantly, these skills can last a lifetime. With proper reinforcement, a slimmer body and healthy lifestyle become the new normal.

When people ask: “How did you lose the weight?” our friend smiles. “I found this great program that taught me how to change my life. It’s gastric band hypnosis. If you like, I’d be happy to help you with it.”

So why choose gastric band hypnosis over surgery?

Because you are not just a body. You are a body-mind. Gastric band hypnosis encompasses the totality of who you are and how you create your future self.

You become the cause of your successes rather than the effect of circumstances. And that understanding is the key to healthy, permanent weight loss.