The Real Meaning of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich (Video)

Natural Hypnosis hypnotist Brennan Smith talks about the deeper meaning he finds in Napoleon Hill's legendary book Think and Grow Rich, that most people miss.

Watch Brennan talk about three things Napoleon talks about - the WHY we do WHAT we do and HOW we do it.

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Enjoy the video below or read the transcript we have prepaired for you.

The Transcript - Secrets behind Think and Grow Rich:

Hi there,

I was thinking today about Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich".

It occured to me that we can boild down what Napoleon is trying to say into three categories.

We can call them the WHY, the WHAT and the HOW.

Napoleon Hill's WHY

He said - start with a definite major purpose. This would be your WHY. Your reason for doing what you do and being who you are.

Napoleon Hill's WHAT

And then the WHAT is sord of like choosing what you want to get because you have stepped into your WHY.

Your WHY is when he talks about service and when he talks about your definite major purpose. The WHAT is what you want, and the HOW of course is your plan of action which he talks about quite a bit as well.

It's my opinion that one of the reasons people get less value from Think and Grow Rich than they could is because they only dive into the shallow end of the WHY.

In the categories of the WHAT, boy, we love to think about that. We love to think about what do we want, what is that dollar figure, what is that lifestyle, what is that time freedom, what is all this that we want to go after in life as our goals and our rewards.

And the plan of action - most of us can come up with at least the first steps even if we can't see years into the future, we can see a few months ahead maybe or what we need to do in order to get to the WHAT.


But I believe the power is in the WHY. And the power of the WHY comes when the WHY calls you to be someone who is an expanded form of who you are now.

Sometimes we pick "whys" that are just about us. Not going to do it. In my opinion that's not going to do it - it's not going to call out of you an awakening that lights up the universe in response and gives back to you.

It's only when we give at a level that transcends who we are now in order to be a rich, powerful service to others that we activate the fullest capacity of the universe to give us what we want.


And at that point the HOW can practically write itself BTW. Which is nice, because sometimes we don't know how we're going to get there.

If you name a purpose and a vision for WHY you're doing everything that you're doing in your life that is so powerful and that is really expanding who you are, and so much a gift and a service to others - most likely, you won't know how to get there and fulfill on that purpose.

You'll just know that you've got to do it, because it's in your gut, because it's in your heart to do it. And that WHY will carry you through the how, and it will bring usually more than you could have imagined in the WHAT category.

The greatest WHAT you could ever have as a result of living into your WHY is to become that person that you know you are inside.

When we name a WHY, a reason for doing what we do and a way of being service to others that is totally alligned of the essence of who we are and expands us by it's very nature, calls us to be more than we are - automatically we become the greatest version of ourselves that we always knew we were and hoped that we could be.

That is one of the greatest WHATs that there is. The rest is sort of a bonus.

So those are my thoughts today on Think and Grow Rich. And I know that as my WHY expanded and I've been called to expand, my life has just got richer and richer and richer.

It's an amazing way to live.

Looking forward to hearing why you're read to step up and be who you trully are.

Enjoy the journey.