The Many Ways that Hypnosis Helps your Confidence

Before we start talking about how hypnosis can help your confidence I think it would be well worth deciding on exactly what it is we’re talking about.

Confidence means something very specific and it has a lot to do with no more than having faith or belief in something or somebody.

  • What we are going to be looking at is more to do with self-confidence which is all about believing in one’s own abilities.
  • In fact if we take it one stage further, we are really talking about self-esteem.
  • In other words how you feel about yourself - and if we take it up yet another level we could be talking about not your own self-esteem but what is known as the esteem in the eyes of others.

This is What Confidence is.

In other words if somebody says ‘I’m not very confident about making that best man speech at my friends wedding’, what they really mean is that ‘I am really nervous about losing the esteem I have among my family and friends who are going to be watching me.

What also complicates the whole concept of ‘confidence’ is the fact that someone can be very confident socially but when it comes to an activity such as standing in front of a large group people and talking, their confidence dissipates.

So we can establish that confidence is not a constant but a variable which depends on the particular activity.

Confidence to pass a test is not the same confidence that you need to approach a young lady and ask for a date.

The test taking confidence is based purely on knowledge and skill whereas approaching a young lady is all to do with one’s ego and the fear of rejection.

Confidence is All About Context.

That is why different approaches are needed depending on what the issue is. It is all about context.

Hypnosishas been proved to be fantastic tools to deal with all sorts of situations or skills which are all too often placed under the umbrella term of ‘confidence’.

Many ‘treatments’ for confidence or lack of it are doing no more than masking your natural inclination - and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that if it works - but you have to remember that if you either managed to self-hypnotise or needed input from a hypnotherapist in order to boost your self-confidence, it would not be a case of changing your personality in any way.

Your underlying character always remains the same.

For instance, many actors appear to be supremely confident when on stage but in private very many of them are deeply introverted people full of neuroses who are only in the acting profession because they have a pathological need to please and to appear confident.

Unfortunately, in order to achieve that, many suffer from horrific nerves prior to going on stage but they obviously feel that the negative aspects of their profession are outweighed by the ‘plus’ feeling that they can achieve by very often forcing themselves to appear confident - another masking behaviour.

You may or may not have noticed that in commerce, once you reach a certain level of seniority, it is not your technical ability which drives your career forward but your self-confidence and your self-esteem - so it is well worth taking the time to find the best method that suits you to either make yourself self-confident or learn to mask your normal personality.

Hypnosis Does Help With Confidence and Self Confidence Issues.

Many forms of hypnosis have been invaluable in helping hundreds of thousands of individuals to achieve both feelings of self confidence, and increased feelings of self-esteem or the ability to appear to be full of confidence.

  • The first thing that we need to do before we even think about ‘curing’ a lack of self-confidence is to understand that no-one is born confident.
  • Some of us are nurtured to become confident and unfortunately some others are not - although I would say at this stage that you must not regard confidence as a virtue but it is certainly how many people who don’t have it see it and covet it.
  • Because confidence is nurtured and 'learned' - hypnosis can help you become confident.

This is How Fast Hypnosis Can Make You Feel Confident.

Many people acquire confidence through a cataclysmic event such as suddenly acquiring material wealth. Have you for instance noticed how erudite and confident lottery winners are?

The day prior to their win, they would have been inarticulate bumbling idiots in front of the TV cameras but once they realise that they have a vast amount of money in their bank account, their self-esteem and what they believe to be esteem in the eyes of others both go stratospheric.

Just that one event will have wiped out the whole lifetime of negative feelings of inferiority.

Just that one example is a very firm indicator of how hypnosis can help an individual to create very powerful feelings of self-confidence and it also confirms how quickly and easily a lack of self-confidence can be turned around.

I am a great fan of self-hypnosis and would urge anyone who feels they lack self-confidence in a specific area to concentrate on that particular issue, deal with it and you will find that gradually that feeling of self-confidence will spread to other areas of your life in which you maybe lacking self-confidence.

Our hypnosis MP3s and CDs will give you those empowering suggestions which have been created by professional hypnotherapists to help you overcome those irrational fears which are normally interpreted as a lack of confidence.

Yes – a lack of self-confidence IS about irrational fears!

Hypnosis can easily teach you that all you are experiencing are no more than irrational fears and just like any phobia, are easily treated and rectified.