Relationship Between The Law of Attraction and Money

The Law of Attraction says that if you have positive thoughts, you get positive things and if you have negative thoughts you get negative things, and that looks pretty simple on the surface.

Still, there are two sides to every coin. Just like there are two sides to every dollar bill and every debit card. It’s the nature of duality. Nothing can exist without its complement. We wouldn’t know joy if we hadn’t felt sorrow, no digital without analog, no Harry Potter without Lord Voldemort.

So when you create a thought or feeling having to do with money (or anything else), you also create, like Voldy with Harry, its complement.

Why do You Want More Money?

You’re pretty sure you want more money because you know what it’s like not to have enough. Enough for what? That’s up to you. It’s your life, you get to make the rules.

Awesome! Money’s a physical necessity and it lets you do some pretty neat stuff, so let’s look at how to attract more of it.

What’s important is How, you are asking. But it always starts with Why. The only How that’s important is, how are you phrasing your Why?

How do You Phrase Your WHY?

Here’s a positive example of what works, when writing the language of a solid Why:

“I feel a constant flow of money coming to me, and I love this feeling because (insert specific, fun reasons for how you’re using your money to create joy and freedom and peace in your life)!”

Can you feel that?

A personally meaningful Why – not the one society thinks is important, but the one you’re unquenchingly drawn toward – sets in motion the feelings that energize your attractions.

Instead of coming from a place of lack or focusing your attention on temporarily challenging circumstances, you’re generating positive momentum from a place of empowerment.

All the money that you want exists and more is being printed every day. There is enough to go around. The people who have millions or billions of dollars are proof that anything is possible (after all, 81% of all millionaires are first-generation millionaires... which means they didn’t inherit a dime of it!)

As you generate this increased prosperity, your gift-giving and home purchasing and charity-supporting and restaurant-eating creates more jobs and wealth for others.

See the cycle? You’re already in it... the difference is that now you’re engaging with the flow of that cycle to propel you in an upward, expanding direction.

Now, the important thing is the energy you use. The same way you can tap into the electricity running through your walls – energy just waiting for you to plug in and make use of it – you can start choosing which outlet best serves your needs.

Money is energy. Thought is energy. Emotion is energy.

The emotions and thoughts that generate the energy of money are always the thoughts of gratitude (“I have received”) and peace (“I know I’ll always receive”) and the hope / inspiration / opportunities that come from taking purpose-driven, inspired action (“I’m giving my service and energy so that others can receive”).

Each of the thirty trillion or so cells in your body transmits energy. When that energy is compounded, concentrated and directed toward your desire, financial or otherwise, the magnitude of your power gets caught up in the current and you move to a higher point in this expanding, upward cycle.

“But there are bills I can’t pay right now. Where’s the power in that?”

It’s in your ability to Choose. You are the Choosing One (wince! But bear with me.)

That Voldemort on the floor? Pay no attention to it. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and exhale slowly. In this moment, in this breath, is the power to create your life Right Now.

Do you want more money? What will having money do for you? Will you have more peace or less? Will you have more joy or less? Will you have more freedom or less? Imagine those feelings – peace, joy, freedom – keep breathing, and feel these amazing sensations of peace and joy and freedom growing stronger. Keep breathing... into 30-plus trillion cells. Growing stronger.

Even the smallest shift is enough. For a start.

When you focus on gratitude, regardless of your bank balance; when you bring this peace and joy into your body, despite the temporary circumstances that surround you; when you take your eyes off of what is and start creating what could be through inspired action; when you start reveling in the fun, the freedom and the ecstasy of pure potential you become a conduit, a conductor of energy and you create yourself as an attractor of your desires.

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