Procrastination Mind Hacking - How to Stop Procastrinating - a 30 min Coaching Video

We are starting with a real passion area - this is 30 minutes of procrastination hacking video training - get comfortable, you are in for a ride - featuring open eyed trance work, nlp and take away techniques you can use to eliminate your procrastination.

If this is all you need from us, and this changes your life, we're happy to have served you. If you want more, then these techniques are just part of what you will experience in our full Procrastination Elimination collection of hypnosis sessions - and for joining us on this video training we're giving a limited 50% discount!

Here is the Procrastination Hacking Video. Please Enjoy!

Join Us Here - It’s all 100% Free, and it only takes 30 quick minutes - and here’s your first free tip - get somewhere you won’t be disturbed for this next 30 minutes, because learning happens when you create the environment for learning.

For Your Pleasure, Here is the Transcript of the 'How to Stop Procrastinating' Video!

Procrastination... Is about to get Mind-Hacked!

  • We're live!? All right.

Hello, Welcome. I'm Brennan Smith, and you're here at the Procrastination Mind Hack Webinar.

I'm so excited to be right here at the park right outside Natural Hypnosis Headquarters in North America.

Good morning to you, good afternoon to you, good evening to you... I know people are joining us from all over the world, so whatever time it is for you, thank you for making the commitment to yourself to be here today.

We're going to be doing a Mind Hack Webinar every month for some time (hopefully!) now on different subjects.

They're just 30 minutes, they're free and they give you quick access to busting up old patterns and to taking new actions, doing new things, opening up new habits and behaviors... Whatever it is that you're looking for.

This month, we are destroying, eliminating, trash talking, cutting up and stopping procrastination.. We are tearing it down, we are mind hacking it, we are going to bust it right up!

Here's how we're going to do this:

(01:20 into the video)

I've got my job to do, which is, I'm going to use some open eyed trance work, some language bits with you as we go through this. I'm also going to be using some Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and we might get into some guided visualization work as well.

Here's your job:

Your job is to commit to the next 30 minutes, with no interruptions, no distractions.

This is your time. Just for you.

Your first action tip is to commit to a learning state any time you want to learn.

  • A learning state looks like a space where you can think freely.
  • The phone is off or muted.
  • No distractions.
  • Total focus, total quiet... Whatever you need to enter that space to open up your learning.

A Little Bit About Brennan Smith.

(02:16 into the video)

While you're taking care of your environment and getting yourself into that space, I'm going to let you know a little bit about me for those of you who don't know me.

  • I'm Brennan Smith.
  • I have a neurophysiology degree that I then took into clinical hypnosis practice.
  • I was in private practice for a decade before I began Natural
  • I've since became an author, a consultant and coach to government organizations and corporations teaching them how to do productivity, teamwork and leadership.

Over that journey I've learned a lot of things about myself and about human behavior, and that's what I'm here to share with you today.

So at any point along the way I say something, or we go in a directing where it didn't make a lot of sense or you want to dive deeper on it, let us know at support at

We want to know what you want the next webinar to be about and what you want to talk deeper about, and we will go there. That's what we're here to do!

Let me tell you the purpose of today's Procrastination Mind Hack Webinar.

(03:10 into the video)

  1. Today we're going to take what used to be your view of procrastination and shift it to an entirely different perspective of why procrastination happens in the first place.
  2. The second purpose of today's video is through that new perspective to give you access to taking inspired action that you've been wanting to take and that you know is in your heart - that it's who you are to take this action and to be this person of action.

That's the access point we're going to give you today.

If you've already got our hypnosis series on procrastination (available here: called Procrastination Elimination, we will accelerate what you've already been introduced to in that series.

If you haven't been exposed to that, the action items and tips that we're going to give you today will give you enough to get you started for sure; and then you can give us that feedback to let us know where we should go next with these webinar series.

The Flow of Procrastination Mind Hacking Webinar.

(04:10 into the video)

The flow of this particular webinar looks generally like this:

  1. We are going to talk about why we procrastinate and open up some new perspectives.
  2. We are going to move from there to a new sense of what commitment is. What does it mean to commit and how to make commitments that stick.
  3. After that we are going to look at your emotions. How your emotions happen in the face of commitment. It's mostly about fears if you've been procrastinating, and we are going to look at fear in a new way.
  4. Then we're going to talk about a new model for action that you can participate in, knowing what you know now about commitment and emotions and procrastination from what we've talked about before.

Why we procrastinate?

(05:00 into the video)

First thing's first. Make sure you're in that learning state now. It's about to get deep, and real, and fast - right now!

We're going way down the rabbit whole here, because there's a whole body of understanding about what it is to be a human being, that is actually why we procrastinate and that you may not have heard about before... and it gets intense.

Are you ready? Here we go.

One of the reasons that you have been procrastinating in the past and that I was a procrastinator in the past is because we are, as human beings, fundamentally blind to an aspect of how the world happens, how life happens - how we happen - and what's really going on.

Let me break down how we are fundamentally blind to the world around us.

(05.50 into the video)

If you look at yourself as a collection of relationships, the relationships that compose who you are would be something like this:

  • I have a relationship to myself, to this being that I am.
  • I have a relationship to others, who are the other beings that are not what I am.
  • I have a relationship to these things I call circumstances out in the world. Like my money situation, my my job situation, my relationship to the natural environment - pick any external circumstance you want.
  • As human beings, we have a relationship to time. You've probably already seen how that relationship to time plays into procrastination.

These relationships that we are - to self, to others, to circumstances and to time - have been created in way we talk about what it is to be human, in the way philosophy has gone over the ages throughout all time to bring us to where we are now...

How the double blind works and makes us break commitments.

(06:49 into the video)

These relationships have developed and happened in such a way that we have become blind to the fact that we have created a double bind.

A double bind is a situation where we're committed to one thing in one instance, but we don't realize there's another thing that we're committed to that's causing the first commitment not to happen.

And then one commitment keeps the other one from happening, and that one keeps the third one from happening... And they keep binding each other.

It's a double bind that if you don't know about it, you play out in a cycle.

(07:16 into the video)

Some of you have seen this cycle in other patterns beyond procrastination; patterns like weight loss, or trying to stop any habit.

In these instances we've seen how we cycle on and off. It's very natural for us when we're trapped in the double bind.

I want to be clear that what I'm talking about right now is the underline philosophy for tracks 1 and tracks 3 in the (Eliminate Procrastination) hypnosis series.

  • And because we have been in this double bind the whole time, we have felt a certain amount of powerlessness.
  • We have felt like a victim to the behaviors of others or to circumstances, or the victim to the flow of time - as we don't have any control - and don't know what to do about any of it.

It's only when you're in the double bind that you are a victim.

The third perspective: Cause and effect are just a belief system!

(08:16 into the video)

The good news is there is a third perspective - when we rise above the double bind and we look down on it, we see that the double bind is called cause and effect.

Cause and effect? It actually exists, right? A certain even causes the next event, which causes the next event... That makes total sense, right?

Hold on, I said that we're going to go deep down the rabbit whole and I said we're going to look at a whole new perspective on time, circumstances and you... And this is it:

Cause and effect is a construction. It is a belief system that just makes common sense to human beings... And it puts us in a double bind.

A double bind that has a third perspective that is not cause, and not effect. We are going to get there, and I'm going to tell you how procrastination is related to all of this in just a second.

First, I need to walk you through some questions that will help you see the way cause and effect has affected you in the past.

How cause and effect have affected you in the past.

(09:28 into the video)

Question 1. How did we get to the present moment? What got us here? What created the present?

What do you think?

If you have a cause and effect relationship to this present moment, then every singe one of us would say - the past. The past got us to the present. Everything that was in the past, created the present.

And that makes total sense. But that is a part of the double bind, as it turns out.

The question 1. Then becomes: Where do new possibilities exist?

  • Not in the past... That's already documented.
  • We could generate a new possibility right now in the present.
  • Certainly, new possibilities are possible in the future.

New possibilities exist in the present and in the future.

Now where do limitations exist? Do limitations exist in the present?

(10:50 into the video)

If you believe in cause and effect, then sure - there are limitations on the present. But where do limitations come from?

Limitations come from the past... If the past created the present, then the past limits what's possible in the present.

Our next Question (2): When you have been procrastinating in the past, have you been focusing your attention on limitation, or on possibility?

If you're anything like me and thousands of procrastination clients I have served, you were focused on limitation.

If you were focused on limitation, you were most likely focused on the past or the future.

Open up new possibilities of how we create the future.

(12:02 into the video)

The good news for you is that the past never created the present moment in the first place.

Sounds amazing, sounds ridiculous, sounds preposterous!? Whatever you think it sounds like...

.. But here is what actually happened:

You and me and all of us human beings who are blind to the double bind that we got ourselves in through Cartesian philosophy and a number of other things that started the norm about 350 - 400 years ago...

.. We bought into that story of time and how cause creates effect and what thoughts do in relationship to reality.

When we bought into that, we forgot one key thing:

You can open up possibilities in the present by focusing in the future, where all possibilities are open.

What we have done in the past by believing that the past has a cause and effect relationship to how we got to the present, we have said to ourselves that:

  • The past is always a predictor to the present.

So we have studied the past in order to predict what is likely to happened in the future!

That is like taking your cursor on a 'poop' emoji, and clicking copy/paste from the 'poop' of the past, and taking that copy, pasting it in the future and saying "Well, that's just likely to happened again, the future looks like a whole bunch of poop!"

This way we have copy/pasted the past into the future as the most likely thing that is going to happen.

  • It's probably just going to keep going the way it has.
  • It's probably just going to continue.

And that limits what is possible in the present.

New possibilities for new action are available the moment you imagine a new future.

It turns out that new present moments, and all present moments, happened because we committed to in the future - which caused us to act a certain way in the past - which brought us here... It was the future that guided what happened to get us here.

Whatever we imagine in the future is what we ourient ourselves to; is what action we take and is how we create the present you will be living two weeks from now, two months from now, or two years from now.

It is what you commit to in the present. It is why the next conversation we have got to have is about commitment.

A commitment to a new future is how you create a new self in the present.

(15:10 in the video)

A commitment to a new future drastically redefines your relationship to who you are, your relationship to others as team members who are going to support you on that journey and collaborators that are going to help you to create that future.

  1. Other people all of a sudden become opportunity.
  2. Circumstances shift and we start to notice what's working, what's going toward the future and what is moving to the direction that we want to move in. We go there together...
  3. And we have a new relationship with time. Because we are no longer bound by the limitations of the double bind, we are no longer blind.

A very important warning:

(15:56 into the video)

You are a human being. You are permanently blind, just like I am permanently blind, to this double bind of what it is to be a human being.

Therefore, the moment you go into 'automatic' mode and you just go about your day after this webinar (or maybe even duringthis webinar), you will forget this new perspective and click back to your old self.

We all do.

So I am asking you now to take the (first) action step!

(16:32 into the video)

This action step or action item counterbalances the warning.

The action step is to put some kind of a system in place for yourself, to remind yourself of the third perspective.

  • That reminder system could be an alarm that pops up on your phone three times a day.
  • It could be a thing that you carry around in your pocket, and when you feel it every time you reach it in your pocket (or your purse!), and you see it and feel it there...
  • Or you say an affirmation...
  • Or whatever it is that reminds you consistently of this new perspective and you immediately reorient to your future commitment and allow that to redefine your (present) self.

Let's go deeper on commitment.

(17:12 into the video)

Some of you have an old view of commitment. Some of you view commitment like an obligation - When I commit to something I'm now obligated to it.

You know like:

  • "I said I'll go to that persons party, so I guess I'll go. I'm not really in the mood, but...". Or...
  • "Well, I said 'for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, for sickness and in health', so I guess I'm stuck with him or her."

Commitment sometimes shows for people as obligation, or for other people it shows up as something that you have when you're motivated.

But once the motivation goes away, they're not really committed all of a sudden.

Three part definition of commitment.

(18:14 into the video)

This will give you a full sense of what it is to commit to something.

Commitment definition part number 1.

(18:26 into the video)

Number 1. Requires that you know that you are 100% committed 100% of the time.

We are human beings and the way we operate in relationships to ourselves, to others, to circumstances and time... Is we are commitment.

We are commitment walking around committed all the time.

Ask yourself why you have clothes on right now, assuming you're dressed. :)

It will either be a commitment to your comfort, for temperature regulation, or a commitment to a social norm that we have all agreed to - that we are going to wear clothes around each other.

Commitment definition part number 2.

(19:45 into the video)

The moment you realize that you are 100% committed 100% of the time to something, whether it's your own safety or to a new future, commitment becomes choice that opens up freedom.

A commitment is a choice that you can deliberately make what you choose to commit to and what you choose to un-commit to.

Now you're in choice. Now you're in freedom.

Commitment definition part number 3.

(20.20 into the video)

The third peace of commitment is that we need to recognize it's a story.

I'm going to go deeper into this because this goes back to the double bind big time... And when I said that I was going to come back around - this is the piece I'm coming back around to in just a moment.

Which is that...

A commitment is a story about the future.

How do I know it's a story?

Well, let's take a moment and look into the future.

  • Anybody see any fact in the future?
  • Any evidence in the future?
  • Any reality in the future?

No! It's pure possibility. It doesn't exist (and neither does the past btw). Pff - it's gone on the snap of our fingers

But the future doesn't exist either, so there's no facts about the future.

It's a story. A commitment to a new future is a story that you create about yourself.

(21:24 into the video)

Some of you might be saying, 'But Brennan, I did that... I committed and that's the thing I've been procrastinating on. I made a bold commitment to a new future and I taught it would shift everything, but I'm still procrastinating.'

I got it. Remember this:

When you made that commitment and when you went out to take action and ended up procrastinating, you were in the bind at the time.

You did all that in the double bind - you did all that without perspective - without leveling up to the third perspective and releasing yourself completely from the past which doesn't exist and opening up a whole new set of possibilities and creating a story about the fure...

THEN, you're constantly leveling yourself out of the double bind perspective and raising above the human nature.

And this is the basis of track 4 of our series; People thing that they have committed to something, but most of the time we don't know that we've committed to something until we meet adversity and until we create a new story about 'I am a hero who rose above adversity.'

It's only when we meet adversity that we can create that story about ourselves and rise above. Track 4 is all about that.

When you made a commitment in the past is where I was going before... (and it just popped into my head that I wanted to tell you about that)

Making our story limited by committing in the past.

(23:30 in the video)

When you made a commitment in the past, we made it limited by the past thinking that that was the copy/paste of 'the poop' in the future.

And that creates more of the same. We road out that program, we lived out that program, and that future that we taught was so exciting, but that we made from within the bind because it was linked to the past - it can't happen because it is not who we are in our relationships to ourselves, to others, to circumstances and to time.

Only when we elevate above the double bind - and come from a complete sense of possibility to say 'Who am I, what am I in commitment to, where do I want to go?' and we declare that new future for ourselves - that we truly rise up as we remind ourselves of the new perspective constantly.

Here's an (second) action item now.

(24:24 in the video)

I want you to imagine - and do this please as often as you need to, maybe even quickly, do it every time you get that reminder popup on your phone, or you feel that item in your purse or in your pocket...

  1. Start this game where you imagine suddenly that you are standing at the top of a mountain.
  2. Stand on top of the mountain right now and turn 360 degrees from the mountain top.
  3. Notice how many paths there are to the top.


There's all kinds of ways to get to this (or any) peak. That's how it is - when you're at the top, you can see every way to get here.

  • Now, for a moment flash your mind down to when you were at the bottom.
  • Go down to the past and you're looking up at the mountain top and you've got this one path in front of you right here.
  • And you look at the top, and you look at the path in front of you and think - 'Well, I guess I'll take a step and see how far I get before I run into a dead end... I just want to get to that mountain top.'

Do you get the sense of how this shifts the perspective?

Example of the second action item for you as a huge reset button...

(26:00 into the video)

  • Stand at the top of the mountain.
  • Open up all perspectives.
  • See all the different ways that you can get to the where you want to be two weeks, months, years form now.
  • Stand and play the game 'I remember'.

I remember...

I remember when I got my very first hypnosis client, let's say. If you're a fellow hypnotherapist that is out the build the private practice and you've been procrastinating it.

I remember, it was my buddy from college who found out I had been living in town and had a friend who had been looking for a good hypnotherapist...

And he couldn't believe I was a hypnotherapist of all things...

He said 'Hey, you need to talk to my friend.' It just happen through word of mouth, just because I happen to bump into that old buddy and tell him what I'm up to.

Or maybe you've got a different vision for the future. Or a different commitment that you've chosen about your future.

That's the mountain top you're standing on.

Play the game of 'I remember'. Because it's a story about the future. It's a story!

So make it rich with memory. Tell the story from the mountain top.

  • I remember when I tried that path.
  • And I remember how it led me to this path.
  • And I remember how so and so came along to help. And all these other hikers were there.
  • And I remember how we formed a team, and we started setting up camp together - and started setting multiple camps.
  • And how all of a sudden there was a team of us.
  • And we all said that we're going to summit at the exact same moment, together.
  • And sure enough - we did! Each of us has a tiptoe on the peak right now.
  • And here's my team of people, right here with me!

Whatever it is.

Take this moment - and any reminder moment when they happen - to elevate to the mountain top. Then say "I remember."

Do you need a coach to help you?

(28:20 into the video)

One thing that will really help you on this whole journey is the coach.

Because you don't know what you don't know. You are only going to come up with memories and mountain tops that are within your current perspective.

I highly recommend bouncing off a coach as you do this exercise and having them open up new perspectives as well.

They can even play the game called "I remember it differently", or "I remember that too" and they add something new on. It gets very fun.

This game is the essence of session 6 in the series, so you'll love that.

We're going to move on - your emotions come nexts - and that's where the story vs reality thing comes in big time. Now is the time to move back on that.

  • If you want us to dive deeper around commitment, let us know - support at
  • If you want us to dive deeper around the double bind, let us know.
  • Inform us what these webinars will be talking about next. We are out to mindhack the things that are most important to you.

Your emotions - a new perspective.

(29:30 into the video)

Right now, we are going straight down the rabbit whole, even deeper - by talking about your emotions.

Here's the deal... Any time you go on a hero's journey where you have declared:

  • No matter what, I commit to this story I have about the future.
  • I believe that that's a future worth living.
  • I believe it's who I am.
  • I believe it is the commitment that is rising up in me to take.

When you commit to that, you're going to have to stretch. Every hero's journey comes up against adversity.

And that is why we need to talk about Story vs. Reality.

A game: Story vs. Reality.

(30:00 min into the video)

Those adversities, when they show up, they're going to look very real.

When your fear comes up in the face of adversity, it's going to feel very real. For most people who procrastinate, the moment you start feeling fear is the moment you give up.

Let's play a game called Story or Reality!

Let's take politics. Because politics is a great story. Let's take a recent political thing. I'm American, so we'll do president Obama who had a lot of things to say on immigration.

This speech and that speech, and this executive order and that... And all of his relationships at congress, and all of it.

Look at all that and look at the story that comes to your mind when I say 'Obama's views on immigration. Why does he have them?'


  • Some people say the more citizens he gets into the country, the more money he makes off of them.
  • Some people say that the latinos coming in from Mexico are likely to vote democrat and he wants more democratic voters, so make them all citizens.
  • Or some people say his father was an immigrant, so he's got a certain view on immigration.

The opinion of the guy working in the cubicle next to you, or out on the construction site next to you vs. the opinion of the person who is a political commentator on the news could be totally different and could be different from your opinion.

So, if there's that many opinions about why Obama has the views that he has on immigration, are those opinions story or reality?

Pretty obvious in this example - story, of course!

In fact, something that is interesting about this to me - I can only name only one fact about why Obama said what he said about immigration. I wonder if you can name that same fact?

There is one thing that we can nail down with absolute certainty as a reality.

You might already have it... Obama said what he said, because that is what he said. Fact.

Facts are boring btw. Stories are more fun. Stories are more emotion, they're more juicy. That's why we humans love them, we get attached to them, we make meaning out of them - we live for stories - we are story animals!

Complexity of our beings and our stories - is it all just chemistry?

(33:30 into the video)

Take your emotional life.

In Obama's case it was the global complexity of immigration issues and international relations and the whole environment of politics that he was operating in. It's a million and one factors - and we don't know why he said what he said, other than that he said what he said.

Now look at your complex environment of neurotransmitters, blood sugar, chemistry, emotions, beliefs, perceptions - massive complexity!

And yet, when your body tells you a story called fear - you believed it like it was a reality.

It was a story! A story being told by this million and billion number of different factors and external perceptions and all of these things from your touch centers to your sight and your sound and your memories and all of this stuff...

And if you say 'I feel afraid right now, because...' - anything that follows the word 'because' - STORY!

"I feel afraid right now because I don't want to call that mentor, that really successful person who I grew up with; and I want to ask for their mentorship to guide my new initiative, my new future, but I'm afraid because I don't want to call that person."

Nope, that's not why you're afraid. That's a story.

I'm afraid because I've never played such a big game before. - STORY. Not why you're afraid.

There is only one fact about why you feel what you feel... You're feeling what you're feeling because that is what you're feeling.

  • We humans are amazing at feeling. We are so good at it. We are just natural feelers.
  • And because we are natural storytellers, we tell ourselves stories about those feelings.

There is no 'I feel because... Of'. It's a double bind. There is no cause and effect here. There is no 'I feel because of'. Your feelings are what you're feeling.

Your third action item for this webinar.

(36:05 mins into the video)

Catch yourself when you're feeling afraid, anxious or feeling whatever name you try to put on it.

Even that name is a story:

  • Angst.
  • Tension.
  • Stress.
  • Overwhelm.
  • Fear.

Any of those names are a story.

Stop! And say: "I feel." Period.

Whatever it is, let it be nameless. Let it be the chemistry that is currently happening.

No names. No attachments. No reasons why it's there. Just say "I feel."

Just notice, whatever it is, whatever sensations it has, whether it's in your stomach, or in your chest, or or your throat, or in your head - whatever the sensation is, whatever the emotion is, just notice it and say "I feel."

That's what I do.

There's so much freedom in this. I can't wait for you to try this out!

I'll summarize everything we've covered.

(37:36 into the video)

This will open up some new actions.

We've talked about how we're in the double bind and we can elevate above this limiting view that the past has anything to do with the present or the future.

We've can commit to the new future from a place of pure possibility, by making a commitment to the new future.

A commitment is 100% there all the time anyway, so let's make a choice about the commitment. Let's do so in a way that brings us freedom and create any story we want about the future.

This shifts our relationship to everything else, including who we are.

And then when we find ourselves at the mountain top imagining all possibilities and creating new pathways and new team members, and we've got those reminders in place - then when emotions come up, we just sit with them and say:

"Yup. I feel. It's what I do."

What happens as a result of that is an entirely new access to action.

If you want us to go deeper on this subject, just let us know at support at

Right now let me say thank you for spending so much time with us today.

Wherever you are in the world, thank you for committing to yourself to rise up above that old pattern.

  • If you've gotten everything you need just from these access points - fantastic! I'm delighted to have served you in this way.
  • And if you want extra coaching, you can go get a coach.
  • But if you want hypnosis to help you - we have a special gift to thank you for committing to yourself and staying all the way through this webinar:

That gift is a 50% off, huge discount on our Procrastination Elimination series... All you have to do is go to

With these series you will be able to use everything that we've learned today in this webinar - you'll see it rising up throughout that series, constantly elevating you above the old double bind, helping you commit to a new future and take action, and coming to peace and acceptance with your emotions.

That's what that whole series is about.

I'm glad to be of service to you in any way that I can.

Let us know if we can serve you further, and thanks again for joining us today.

Please share and like this post and video if you've enjoyed it. Take care, we'll see you next month.