How to Fully Commit to Making Your Life Purpose Happen

You have chosen a vision now and you trust that, even if it's a couple of degrees off from where you think you might end up, that if you fully commit - you'll know that you can get there and find your life purpose because you'll be getting that feedback.

That's what we have talked about in the last article. If you haven't read it, please read it first here.

This article is about how to fully commit.

What does that even look like?

If you've never fully commited to something, and you hear Tonny Robbins and Jack Canfield and all the big names talking about full commitment, to make sure you fully commit to something... I don't know about you, but I struggle with that.

My thoughts go something like this:

  • Well, I think I'm commited, I don't know.
  • I just keep going, I'm just doing.

Here's what full commitment looks like: There's a few things to consider.

If you're fully commited, you are inceasingly focused on your vision, even if you're unsure it's the right one.

  • You have daily practices that keep you focused on your vision.
  • You have partners engagued in helping you realize your vision.
  • You have mentors and coaches giving you ideas about how to get to your vision even faster. These are prefferably people who have gone down a similar path, who have gone done that road and who can serve to support you just as they surely got support along the way.
  • You have a sense of harmony between the mental game that you're playing towards your vision, and the degree of action that you're taking.

We say it as this: afformation without action is delusion, and action without afformation is frustration.

Only when you affirm in your mind and visualize clearly what your vision is, and then taking inspired actions towards getting it, do you have all pistons firing. Then the universe comes with bold support to get you to your goals.

So, what does commitment look like? Commitment looks like you tapping into every resource available to you.

That means that you have daily practices in place, partners to help you, mentors to help you, and a unity between mind and body.

That to me is a fully integrated, fully embodied, total focused commitment.

Anything short of that? You might still get there, and that's fine. I'm just thinking, you probably could have gotten there with a great deal more ease, fun, playfulness and inspiration!

Only when you use all of these tools that are hardwired into the human experience if we just activate them properly, only then do we get this playful sense of progres towards our vision.

My statement for you is: Commit fully to that vision, no matter what that vision is (that was what the last article was about). This article talks about how to know that you are fully commited to that vision, and the next article will talk about how to ask for what you want - how to ask for help, how to state your needs in a partnership and towards your vision.

Fully explore the topic of commitment and procrastination in this video.

Take care and change your life naturally..

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