How to Find Your True Purpose (even when you feel blindfolded)

Looking back over my life, I've seen so many times that I've really thought that I was commited to something.

And maybe I was for two weeks...

Maybe I was even commited for a year, but one way or another, somehow life teaches us through new experiences that it might be time to change our commitments, and then we do - and we've talked in depth about what makes us break commitments in this video.

Sometimes it turnes out for the better, and sometimes it turnes out it was fear based and we were just hiding and playing small.

  • I've certainly had both of those experiences, where a changed commitment becomes a commitment to something much higher, much better.
  • And other times, I've changed my commitment because I was running away from the thing that was most calling to me and I needed to avoid that for the sake of honoring other patterns.

Whether you've had the experience of full commitment that is unwavering and true for you, or wheter you've experienced over and over again that some commitments just fall away even two hours after you make them, then you've had an experience of wondering:

"How can I commit if I don't fully know what I want?"

(I'm thinking especially of addictions, where people usually think: "I'm going to turn over a new leaf, right after this cigarette!, or whatever..." - those kinds of commitments.)

This is the topic I fully wanted to address - how to commit when you don't fully know what you want?

There's this idea of a person who is not quite sure yet that the vision they're holding for their lives, and the goal that they're currently working toward, is the right goal.

  • "Am I focused on the right vision?"
  • "Have I really found my purpose? I'm just not sure that I've found my purpose."

I can't tell you how many times I've heard that from someone, and myself.

Here is the game that we're going to play in this article:

Here's a really fun way of describing this:

Do you remember when you were a kid, and you were trying to find the thing that your parent or your friend had hidden, or the thing they had in mind that was somewhere in the room or the house and you had to find it, and as you moved around the house they kept saying 'warmer, warmer, warmer', 'colder, ice cold, very cold'... 'warmer, warmer, very hot, very hot - there it is!'

And now you've discovered it.

Turns out life purpose works the same way. You get to play!

When you step in a commitment to your vision of the future, the great thing is it accelerates the feedback. You get more cues and you get closer to discovering what your life purpose is.

Go full bore on your vision - even if it's not the exact right fit!

For example, in another game where you get to find out that you're getting closer and closer to what you're looking for - Marko Polo...

If you call 'Marko', and 'Polo' comes to you from three feet to your left, and you turn and start moving to your left and say 'Marko' again and they have to say 'Polo' and it's now one foot away... the more times you say 'Marko', the more eco locations you're getting, the more feedback you're getting.

And bam - you get to them, you find what you're looking for.

When you go full bore at your vision, full commitment, full action - even if it's a five degree shift from the vision you will eventually pursue, the fact that you pursued this vision that you currently feel is the closest approximation that you can find in life, as hardcore and as full out and as playfully as you can - 100% commitment - the more echos you get saying 'warmer, warmer, warmer' and BAM, you find your purpose.

You find your vision through action. It's beautifully in harmony with meditation, with yoga, with all of the practices that lead people to being people of vision and inspired action.

When you bring it all together around any vision, even if it's a vision that you just think might be the right one for you, in response you will get exactly what you're most called to do.

That's how it works!

This idea of commitment sometimes gets couched with the idea of 'Yeah, but I don't know if I should fully commit because I don't even know if this is my vision.'

Fully commit anyway. That's my message today!

Go, now, and do it. Because you will get more and more and more feedback as a result. And then you arrive right where you would arrive anyway, but it would have taken you a long time to get there untill you took inspired action.

So go, do it. Find your true purpose.. change your life naturally..

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