Audio (Guided) Hypnosis vs Self Hypnosis vs 'Actual' Hypnosis

Let’s get one thing out of the way before we start - and that is whichever method of hypnosis we are considering, the end result we are striving for will be exactly the same. In fact, some might argue that the process is more or less identical in each case with only the ‘catalyst’ being slightly different.

  • In the case of guided hypnosis, the catalyst is either a CD, MP3 track or a combination.
  • In the case of Self- hypnosis, the catalyst is oneself.
  • And in the case of actual hypnosis, the impetus is given by a third party - a hypnotist.

There are more similarities than differences between the three techniques and each can be as efficient as the other, with the primary difference being that during hypnosis involving a hypnotherapist or hypnotist, the level of motivation is triggered externally, although it needs to exist in all three techniques.

Guided Hypnosis Does Help.

Let’s have a look at the rock star world of guided hypnosis.

There are several very well known hypnotists who are making an excellent living from the sales of their books and CDs that can help you with everything from problems with a lack of confidence to waking up early to improving your leadership skills.

One suspects that many of the CDs and downloaded MP3 files are very similar to the millions of self-help books which are sold every year - in that over 50% of them are never actually used or read. Somehow there is a belief that ownership is the most important criteria - and we at Natural Hypnosis don't agree - in fact, if for any reason you are not happy with our downloads we want you to make use of our 60 day, no questions asked refund policy.

Multiple Sessions are Required.

There is very little that can be covered with a single visit to the therapist and a great deal of time and effort is very often required. Guided hypnosis also demands time and effort - but the huge benefit is that you can listen to it any time you so desire.

Another of the great advantages of guided hypnosis is the privacy aspect – and needless to say, the cost. However it is likely that the most efficient way of dealing with addictions, phobias etc is with the assistance of the properly qualified and experienced hypnotherapist.

Having said all that, there is little doubt that as hypnosis CDs have been developed empirically, they have improved immeasurably over the years and many of them are of very high quality.

A mindset is a hugely complex result of even more complex activity within the brain. This activity is a function of several factors such as a set of genes, an education, upbringing, a life’s interactions, mini and major emotional traumas and many many more events and experiences.

Destroying, changing and building neural pathways is definitely a function of time rather than technique. This means that you are not likely to cure anything by self hypnotising yourself once, or by going to a hypnotherapist once, or by having just one listen of a hypnosis CD -and here is how long hypnosis really takes to work.

'Easier' vs 'Harder' Problems to Fix.

Looking for an insomnia cure or even learning how to meditate or dealing with stress are certainly phenomena which can be helped through the medium of self-hypnosis with or without CDs and MP3 audio tracks.

Skills such as public speaking or getting rid of social anxiety are some of the more difficult ones that will require more time.

Hypnosis which involves a competent external facilitator gets the fastest results if you have the time to visit the hypnotherapist regurarly (and the money), and there is little doubt that both guided hypnosis and self-hypnosis have a use and will help individuals.