Can Hypnosis Diminish your Approach Anxiety and How?

The short answer is ‘YES! Yes it can!'

Before we tackle the subject let’s be specific. The context in which we are going to be looking at approach anxiety is the anxiety experienced by men approaching women - and when I say ‘approaching’ I mean it in a good way!

Defining Approach Anxiety.

Before we get onto the hypnosis aspects of ridding men of various complexes associated with approaching women, let us define what it is we’re talking about in order to provide ourselves with some focus.

Let’s have a look at two scenarios. Imagine that you are a man and I say to you ‘*See that woman over there - would you please go and ask her for directions to the nearest pub.8’ I think I could reasonably expect you to confidently go across to the lady and ask the appropriate question.

Next, I point to another lady and say to you: ‘*See that woman over there – would you please go and ask her for a date.8’ I am pretty sure that the reaction of most men would tend to be, shall we say - negative.

Both are straightforward questions, both carry a certain level of the risk of rejection but it is the second question which is the one which is going to cause those dreaded feelings of anxiety that men can feel around women.

Why should that be the case? After all you are not inviting the lady to share your bed.

Yes, we realise that it is socially not 100% acceptable to ask a complete stranger to accompany you on a date. But that is only part of the answer.

Once again we have the fear of rejection rearing its ugly head and once again we are dealing with an irrational fear which can certainly be dealt with in several ways, with by far the best being some form of hypnosis.

How to Cure Approach Anxiety With Hypnosis.

It is your past which will have embedded experiences within your mind and you should be aware that we all tend to make decisions by analogy, which means quite simply that our past experience leads us to attempt to predict reactions from others.

For instance, if at sometime in the past you asked a woman to go out with you and she said ‘No!’ you are totally entitled to believe that this will happen to you every time you pose that particular question.

Believe it or not, the converse is also true!

It is exactly the same as having to face something that perhaps injured you in the past.

For instance if you were bitten by a dog when you were a child, you can quite easily develop a phobia or fear of dogs - it can only take a single event.

By the same token if as a child you experienced a certain level of rejection or refusal, it is quite reasonable for you to protect yourself by avoiding situations which may once again result in feelings of rejection.

Once again, the symptoms are very similar to phobias and can be treated very easily through the medium of hypnosis or self-hypnosis.

Ego and self-image.

They also play a very big part in your dealings with the opposite sex and many men who are not happy with their own self-image, or are too tightly focused on one negative aspect of themselves will always expect a member of the opposite sex to focus on the very same issue.

Hypnotherapy either self-administered or through a third party can very easily help boost self-image.

Others may be conscious of their lack of social skills and although they’re quite happy to go out with a group of men and be very fluent, erudite and amusing, once the opposite sex is introduced, their imagined fear of rejection becomes a major obstacle and they can become incoherent self-conscious fools.


This is yet another issue which can be dealt with quite straightforwardly through hypnosis or self-hypnosis and I have known people who have undergone comparatively short treatments who now crave to be the centre of attention!

Surprisingly, that has not made many of them at all attractive to the opposite sex!

I hesitate to call it a ‘treatment’ but the treatment for phobia is very close to hypnosis treatment administered for a fear of the opposite sex.

Obviously correct posture, body language and tone of voice etc are all very useful tools to have in one’s ‘personality arsenal’ but setting aside hypnosis for just one moment, I would also recommend that if you want to be successful with the opposite sex, try three simple things in addition to treating the phobia through some form of hypnosis:

Smile a lot, ask questions and be genuinely interested.

It never fails.