Are You Commited Enough to Realize Your Dreams

Brennan Smith, the Natural Hypnosis hypnotist, talks about how commitment to your dreams will make them real.

He tells us a story of a beautiful park he always imagined as his backyard. Only problem is, the landscaping for that park costs seven million dollars.

As it turns out, he still got to have it as his backyard, as his house now borders the park, so he is free to enjoy it whenever he wants!

Talk about commiting to your dreams and getting what you really, trully desire. A superb example of law of attraction in action...

You can find the law of attraction hypnosis recording (here) Brennan made to help you fulfill your dreams.

Please enjoy the video, or the transcrip below:

This is my backyard. Or at least, it's the backyard I've always dreamed that I would have. And back when I was a dreamer, I assumed it would take about $7 million to afford the ackerage and the landscaping.

Now, I find this house. And because I'm commited to spending time in nature, I see something that the other people who looked at this house don't see.

In this backyard, I see this missing gate. Other people might have looked at that as a problem. I looked at it as an access point.

You see, this is the city park, just outside of my gate. Which means, this IS my backyard. And because I was more commited to getting into nature as often as possible than I was commited to some $7 million dream, I get to have about $7 million worth of landscaping without paying a dime for it.

And it's right in my backyard. I believe this is the difference between a dream and a commitment. When you're commited, you get what you want. It shows up because you will find it no matter what.

A dream is just a dream...

What are you commited to?