Become The Alpha Female

Acquire the alpha female mindset with this world unique hypnosis session and become the woman that other women want to be and that men want to date!

Become The Alpha Female CD Album Cover
  • Do you want to become the alpha female, to become a leader and live life the way you really want to?
  • Do you struggle socially? Perhaps you are overlooked or you find it difficult to assert yourself, voice your opinion, and get taken seriously?
  • Do you want to put a stop to getting walked all over and taking a “back seat” to your friends and colleagues?
  • Do you want to be more confident socially, dominant, assertive, in control, and seen as the leader of your group?
  • Do you want to be the woman who gets the attention from men? Do you want to be the centre of attention for a change with men coming over to talk and flirt with you?

This hypnosis session is actually unique in the world – no one else makes an “alpha female” hypnosis session even remotely like this! This album has been designed to instil within you the mindset of the alpha female. It will penetrate deep into your mind to implant the key characteristics which are shared by the worlds most successful leading women – the kind of women who walk into a room and turn heads, who are the center of attention, who are in control and assert themselves naturally. These core leadership, dominance, and social skills will help you in all areas on your social, professional, and of course your romantic life too!

With this mindset you will become the alpha female – you will become the woman who other women want to be and men want to date!

Life is easy for the alpha female, she gets what she wants and she lives a life of leadership, authority and respect. More than anything she is the social focal point of the group – she is the one men approach first, they even have to win her respect in order to talk to other women in the group! The alpha female as control and power over men and she dictates what happens! She is the woman that other women want to be and that men want to date!

Does this sound like the lifestyle you want to lead?

If so then there is good news, the alpha mindset is not something you are either born with or without, you can acquire it – you too can become the alpha female and live this lifestyle too!

This hypnosis session penetrates deep into your subconscious mind to alter your beliefs and your mindset on a core level. It will blow away your negative self beliefs, self doubts and self sabotaging thoughts and actions, and transform the way you think, to instil within you these exact same alpha, leading, and dominant patterns of thinking and character traits so that you will naturally become an alpha female!

This album works in several ways to instil within you the mindset of the alpha female:

  • To give you natural, lasting core confidence from within. You will believe in yourself, you will have confidence in yourself which goes beyond ego – you will grow natural, healthy self esteem from the inside out. This is just the start, confidence is the first building block; all “natural alphas” are confident, and you will be too – you will project out confidence and assertiveness, and other people will sense and feel this and begin to look up to you – your confidence will become a positive self fulfilling prophecy!
  • To make you more dominant and assertive. You will start to speak out more, you will share your mind and your feelings. You won't hold anything back – real alpha females don't, they live in the moment, say what they think and go all out to get what they want. With help from this hypnosis session you will too – you will feel comfortable being assertive, you will feel like it is your natural rite to be so (it is), and because of this you will adopt a leaders position in your social circles. You will be at the forefront of discussions and people will start to respect you, value your input and ask you for your opinion and advice. People will follow your lead and men will be more attracted towards you!
  • You will act in the moment to take what you want. The alpha female goes for it, she takes what she wants! With this new mindset you will too, and you will start to get it, you will start to get your way, you will start to get what you want. With this proactive and positive, outgoing attitude, again others will look up to you and you will be seen as much more alpha. That's not all – men love an outgoing woman and they will want you more and more as they see you being proactive, standing up for yourself, and not taking no for an answer!
  • To bring your inner leader to the surface. The alpha female, above all else, is a natural leader. With this hypnosis session you will journey into your own mind to bring your leadership potential and skills to the surface. You will positively visualize yourself being a leader and you will know it is possible for you – naturally you will start to lead in your everyday life, in your career and in your social life. You take much more control and responsibility than ever before and in no time at all you will turn into a natural leader.
  • To make you much more confident with men and in dating. The alpha female is comfortable and at ease with men, she enjoys talking to new men, enjoys flirting, and above all she is in control and leads the interaction. This confidence and control with men will become just part of who you are. You will find it normal and natural to talk to men and you will even take the lead and use your assertiveness and outgoing attitude to actually make the move and make sure you get the man you want!

Because of all of these character traits, change in mindset and change in how you act socially you will naturally become more attractive to men. You will find men approaching you more often and flirting with you, but above everything you will feel more in control; you will have choice with men, and rather than missing out or the men gravitating towards your friends, you will get the man you want!

What to Expect

This album isn't to be taken lightly, it will stimulate real change from the inside out. It will naturally change the way you think, the way you see yourself and the way you act in all areas of your professional and social life – you actually will turn into an alpha female – you won't be pretending and it will be a real and lasting change.

Short Term

You will experience results over the short term, even from the very first session. The main thing you will notice straight away will be an increase in your confidence and self belief. You will feel happier and positive and more outgoing. You will feel different, like you know there are deeper changes going on inside of you and that you know you really will make positive changes in your life!

Long Term

Over time you will see the changes build and build, you will grow in confidence each time you listen. You will naturally start to lead more and more and you will become more assertive and naturally start to take on the characteristics of the alpha female. Gradually you will actually turn into the alpha female, you won'y have to try or to think about it, it will just be a natural part of who you are in all areas of your life.

Become the alpha female with this world exclusive hypnosis session. Become the woman who leads other women and men alike, who is the leader of her group... and always gets her man!