Approach Men

Develop the ability and the confidence to approach men you find attractive so that you can get the man you really want!

Approach Men CD Album Cover
  • Would you never feel comfortable to approach a man you were interested in?
  • Are you sick of giving out signals, smiling, giving out open body language and basically inviting a man to approach, only for him to not get the hint and walk away?
  • Do you really want to stop missing out and approach the men you really find attractive or get the man you really want?

For women, approaching a man you are interested in can be a little taboo. In our western, modern society we are conditioned that it must be the men to approach a woman, and so you make yourself up, go out to socialize, but often don't talk to the man you really want to as he didn't make that first move...

This is a little backwards.. you miss out on the genuine guys who probably do like you too, but don't often approach women, who are nice guys and confident in many ways but just not on the initial approach.

The “rule” that women can't approach men is actually all in your head, you are worried about rejection and worried about what society (your friends?) would say. However, all you are really doing is walking up to say hi, or making small talk – if there is a spark between you or any chemistry then things will naturally develop and progress from here.

When you start to do this then you will grow in confidence so much and in-fact start to get more attraction from men too – this is a positive spiral as men do find confidence attractive and as a woman who has the confidence to make the first move and walk over to them, they will be impressed and attracted and they will carry on the conversation.

Get the Type of Man You Really Want!

Aside from getting more attraction from men as they see you as outgoing and confident.. and different... the other main benefit of being able to approach is that you get the right type of man – the nice, normal, kind man who you actually want to date longer term.

If you just stand around looking pretty, waiting for men to come to you, then the ones that do will more often than not be the ones who just approach any girl, the “players”, the men who just want to sleep with women and see it as a game...

However, when you start making the move and have the ability to approach and start a conversation with a man you find attractive then EVERYTHING CHANGES!

You are in control, you have the choice, and you will find yourself in conversations with interesting, attractive and GENUINE men. The types of men who enjoy going out and socializing but who don't approach 20 different women every weekend so aren't de-sensitized to approaching and genuinely do want to meet a nice woman rather than trying to sleep with everyone!

How it Works

If you are serious about wanting to change your pattern of dating, if you want to gain more control and approach men you are interested in then this hypnosis download will significantly change the way your mind works and your inner thoughts and beliefs – it is not to be taken lightly, it will change the way you think and the way you act! It will:

  • Eliminate the anxiety you experience. Even after just one listening session you will feel differently. Approaching a man will be re-framed within your mind and you will start to see approaching a man as a normal and natural thing to do.
  • Stop you from thinking about the social stigma or social pressure. This is actually easy to get over. This session will push you to just approach and forget about the social pressure of a woman approaching a man, and after just one or two approaches this belief will be blown away completely as you see there is no negative social reaction, only positive ones as your friends are impressed with you (and perhaps a little envious that you can do it) and men are attracted and open to you as they see you as confident and outgoing.
  • Re-associate the anxiety into excitement. Are excitement and anxiety really so different?! No... not really, and as you continue to listen you will feel excitement and positivity about where the interaction could go instead of worry and anxiety. Your anxiety will actually help you! It will fire you up to approach, make you think positively, and put you into a high energy, attractive state! You will actually benefit from using the anxiety in this way and approaching will become a normal and actually enjoyable activity for you!
  • Reverse your thinking about approaching. Currently you avoid approaching in fear of the negative outcome, the fear of rejection, social embarrassment and awkwardness. This hypnosis session will change the way you think on a deeper level. Instead of thinking about the negatives you will think about the positives – how he will be attracted to you, impressed that you can approach, what the interaction could lead to... You will imagine all of the positive experiences and adventures the approach could lead to and this will help you to approach completely naturally!

What to Expect

Listening to this album is a pleasant and relaxing experience, but it isn't to be taken lightly. This hypnosis session will change the way you think on a deeper level and it will change your outward behavior if you really want it to and really make an effort to change. You will finish the session feeling different... feeling mentally strong, confident and empowered.. and ready to approach!

Short Term

When you start to use this session we recommend listening just before you go out to socialize or when you know you will have an opportunity to meet men. This will make sure the hypnotic suggestions are fresh in your mind, that you are feeling positive and pro-active right from the start. Approaching will come easier and more naturally to you even from the very first session.

Long Term

As you continue to listen over the course of a week or two approaching men will be much more natural to you. You will lose the anxiety and you won't even think about what people will think of you or the social pressure. You will feel excited rather than anxious or nervous and approaching a man you are interested in will just be second nature to you, a normal thing for you to do when you find someone attractive.

Change your life today – eliminate your fear of approaching and start to approach and attract men much more naturally and get the man you really want!