Receive As Well As You Give

Allow yourself to receive back what you have given and much more - use hypnosis to learn to accept the abundance waiting for you.

Receive As Well As You Give CD Album Cover
  • Do you constantly give - your attention, your time, money, support, skills - because it's what you're supposed to do?
  • Do you long to receive at least some of it back?
  • Does even receiving a simple compliment makes you feel awkward?
  • Is your usual reply when someone thanks you for something - "Oh, it was nothing"? But you don't really mean it?
  • Are you sabotaging your need to receive as well as you give?
  • Do you want to change that? Do you want to be able to freely accept what others, and the world, are willing to give you?

If you're one of those who counter any compliment with insight about your faults, who immediately feel the need to give something in return when they receive a gift, who talk people into not helping them - then you probably know the other side of the medal: when you need help, you're either too embarrassed to ask or you blame it on those who don't feel that you're the one in trouble now and don't offer to help.

You aren't happy being a universal donor - because it's not natural. Others don't have a problem to receive anything that comes their way, be it some kind of help, some material stuff or just a good opportunity, so why are you fighting it? Why aren't you allowing yourself to receive and accept with gratitude what the others and the world are willing to give you?

The answer is relatively simple: you have been conditioned, or you have conditioned yourself to believe that receiving is less noble than giving, that it'd make you vulnerable or that others would think less of you if you weren't constantly giving. But you don't need other proof that this is a wrong way of looking at things than your own gut - if it was OK, it would feel good all the time, right? But it doesn't.

Hypnosis can help you to change this conditioned belief and to remove the blockages you have imposed to yourself in order to be able to finally receive all that you deserve.

It works by changing your subconscious patterns through a combination of relaxation techniques and suggestions designed to help you explore the subconscious mechanisms that prevent you from being comfortable with receiving good things in life. Precisely, this hypnosis album will help you to:

  • Discover your inner blockages and to reduce or eliminate them. There are many different reasons why you might be sabotaging yourself in this way, and hypnosis will help you to pinpoint them so that you can efficiently work on removing them.
  • Deeply realize that receiving is natural. Others have the need to give too, so why are you denying it to them? You will realize that giving and receiving are yin and yang, that it's OK to refill your needs through receiving.
  • Create in you a sense of belonging. When you allow others to help you or to provide for you, you stop imposing to yourself the ideal of self-sufficiency. Hypnosis will help you to let go of the need to be in control and allow you to embrace the feeling that you're a part of something bigger and that you don't have to do everything by yourself.

What to Expect

This album might act as an eye-opener to you, but it will take time before you fully accept the notion that it's OK for you to receive. The experience of listening to the session is very pleasant - hypnosis will relax you and take you on a visual journey within your mind after which you will feel more energized and more in control of your thoughts and actions.

Short Term

After the first few sessions you will notice that your resistance towards receiving is slowly melting away. You will be less defensive when someone offers you help and you will discover that there's nothing wrong in receiving.

Long Term

Over the long turn this album will work to instill in you a deep understanding that you deserve the good things in life, that you can count on others just like they count on you and that receiving is just a natural part of the process. With time this belief will only grow stronger, allowing you to take the struggle out of your life and to become comfortable with receiving the gifts of any kind, be it material or spiritual.

Download this transformational audio today and open yourself up to receiving everything the world has to offer!