The Relationship Between Insomnia and Hypnosis (Video)

Brennan Smith, the hypnotist behind Natural Hypnosis, talks about how hypnosis can help you beat your insomnia by natrually teaching your mind to associate lying down in your bed with sleep.

He says that hypnosis and sleep are interconnected, because hypnosis is everything between the state of you being fully alert, to the first stages of sleep during which we start to dream.

Brennan says that you just need to learn a few key things about hypnotising yourself to be easily able to fall asleep again, or to just listen to a hypnotic mp3 session that he's prepaired just for the case - a session that can be found here:

Here's the video itself, and bellow you'll find the transcript of what Brennan is saying, just in case you preffer to consume information that way. Enjoy!

There is this beautiful relationship between hypnosis and sleep. It turns out that when you're falling asleep at night, you move through all the levels of hypnosis on your way into sleep.

You know, if point A is fully awake, and point B is fully asleep, you make that transition when you lay down. And hypnosis is everything between point A and point B.

The deepest levels of hypnosis are like the lightest level of sleep, which is your dream stage of sleep.

So the people who struggle to make that transition, the moment you learn a few key things about how to hypnotise yourself, or listen to a reccording from a session that we've had or a CD that you get online from us, whatever it is - insomnia is totally changeable.

It's just about learning that relationship again, making that connection so that sleep is just something that happens automatically because you are laying down in a horisontal position.

It's a beautiful thing, I'm a big fan of sleep. :)