How to Know What You Want and Clearly Ask for It

I was thinking today and I realized that one of the things I have done so many times in partnership and relationship with my significant other and my former business partners, and all kinds of different family relationships and friends, is to not communicate what I need.

This is a pattern with all human beings and its certainly a pattern I want to address right now, as I had some thoughts about that, that I wanted to share.

Not Communicating What We Needs the Same as Killing Our Desires.

I think we've all had the experience of not communicating what we need, and stating our desires, and communicating the struggles that we're having, and asking for help.

  • We didn't communicate our needs clearly because maybe we feel like the other person involved is going to see us as week.
  • Maybe it's been because we think that "If I voiced this, I might loose or offend you, or you might interpret that as you doing something wrong, and that's why I need to bring this up."
  • Or, maybe we don't want to ask for help because we are perfectionists, and we don't want to give up control. Asking somebody else means they're going to have ideas and that they're going to be involved, and we're not sure if we want to do it that way. We want to do it our way, it's just that that is not working - but at least it's our way.

I know many people can relate to these particular situations in life. The thing that comes through for me, that cuts through all of that...

All of that pent up lack of communication that happens, all of that struggle and challenge to try and do it yourself all the time, all of that worry about what somebody else is going to think - let go of that worry of other people's opinion - a thing that cuts through all of that just clean and simple with no questions is when I know what I want.

Are You Fully Committed to Your Goal?

I don't just mean knowing it intellectually. I mean being so fully integrated and embodied in my commitment to what I want, that there is no hesitation in my life to create that.

And when you stand in a position in life where you are fully 100% committed to a clear purposeful vision, all communication becomes clean.

  • There is no offence.
  • There is no what if.
  • There is no 'I want it my way'.

It becomes 'this is what I stand for, this is what I'm committed to'. And we can talk in another post about what commitment really is and how do you get so fully embodied in commitment to something, but commitment and procrastination are a different topic...

What we're talking about right now is how you show up in your communication with others, because of what you're committed to. How you speak for what you need and ask for help because of your commitment to your purpose and your vision.

This is the piece about asking for help and stating your needs no matter what the other person might think.

Because it's when you show up in your commitment to state your needs, it's clean, it's pure, it's obviously coming from a right place. It feels right, it's mutual. It's a mutual creative problem solving situation all of a sudden - there's teamwork, there's fun, it gets expansive and synergistic - it's fantastic and it's the only way to go!

I look forward to creating that with you.

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