Smart Thinking Is Taking Over My Local Bookshop (and my life!)

This week we're focusing on a hot topic right now, the area of Smart Thinking, Hacking the Mind.

Any train station book store is full of these types of books - and I love them! - basically this is the art of reaching your peak potential by enhancing yourself and your mind - by following and MODELLING what is done by those who are already focused smart and successful

Bestsellers now are books like Malcom Gladwell's Blink in which he discusses how to us the power of the mind to make snap decisions and excel.

Or Daniel Goldman's Focus in which he shows how all of the most successful and highest achievers in our modern time have what he calls the power of "continued focus" - the ability to tune out of facebook and text message distractions and purely focus on the important task at hand.

They do so and they excel in a way that makes them look inhuman: Starting businesses, excelling in education, creatively thinking up new ideas, climbing up the career (and MONEY!) ladder!

New Hypnosis Collection - Seeds of Natural Mind Power

It is with this in mind that I've put together this collection of hypnosis mp3s.

If you love this type of reading, if you are passionate about excelling yourself, reaching your true potential by enhancing your mind, then this FOCUSED mini collection of hypnosis sessions will help you to do exactly this.

It's called Seeds of Natural Mind Power..

And it is designed to plant subconscious seeds within your mind to help you to focus, learn, store information and concentrate intently and for longer periods - exactly like those who achieve super success despite all of the modern distractions we all face.

Download your seeds of natural mind power here.