Past Life Regression: What it is and How it Works

Hypnosis can be a valid tool for helping people work through problems for which there seems to be no underlying cause. When used as a tool to access past lives, this therapheutic approach using hypnosis transcends the boundaries of science and steps into the world of mysticism and the unknown.

In particular, past life regression can be considered when clients have difficulty accounting for their presenting issues - and although this is not something we can help you with at Natural Hypnosis, we feel the need to inform you about this healing approach using Hypnosis.


Sometimes people have emotional or physical symptoms that are caused by unknown events or life conditions that are locked away in the subconscious mind.

These complaints can be wide and varied, and regression therapy can be particularly useful in treating chronic conditions that do not respond to alternative treatments.

By using regression techniques the hypnotherapist can bring these conditions from a past life into the current consciousness so that they can be effectively dealt with.

Positive results can occur with issues such as anger, anxiety, phobias, depression or physical pains that do not have a current explanation.


Any traumatic experiences that are brought forward during the hypnosis session must be carefully and sensitively explored, making sure that these aspects are fully integrated into the client’s current worldview so that beneficial change can occur.

Once negative influences from the past are brought up for conscious consideration the client must find resolution so that they are not haunted by images that may be distressing.

When undergoing revivication, the client may relive the scene in every detail, finding themselves once more immersed in a situation with all of their senses active and functioning. It is therefore essential that the client is not left in a position where they feel vulnerable or afraid.


Guided visualisation is a useful tool that is used to lead a client into the past and often it’s necessary to consider forgotten childhood memories before moving to more distant times.

Questioning techniques are utilised to elicit as much productive material as possible. During the questioning process, the therapist needs to keep a clear view of the direction of the hypnosis in order not to get wrapped up in inconsequential details or fantastical ideas.

Many of the memories may be distressing to the client and the therapist will need to have the necessary skill to be able to empathise but also keep control of the session.

As mentioned above, it can be deeply disturbing for the client to relive memories of such things as extreme and traumatic as deaths, torturous ordeals, foreign surroundings or difficult life conditions.

The therapist should be particularly trained in guiding the death experience and be able to elicit the information required by careful questioning and by keeping an open mind with regard to the forthcoming information.

There will be points in the commentary that are singularly significant as a turning point or a point of shut down.

These areas will need exploring as the information could address a pivotal clue to help with the presenting problem.


Confabulation is the term used that relates to the mind making up information in order to fill in the blanks.

When conducting a past life therapy session it is extremely important that there are no leading questions that put ideas into the mind of the client which can cause memory disturbances.

This distortion can happen during any age regression therapy and is not a conscious intention by the client to deceive.


Where therapists are happy to investigate past lives to find solutions to ongoing current problems, research shows there can be a great deal of success.

The depth of healing can be extremely transformative, releasing feelings of pain, anxiety, shame or guilt for example, that appear to have been carried, in some cases, through many lifetimes.

Belief Systems.

The subject of past life regression can be considered controversial in some quarters due to the spiritual aspects of this modality but the therapy can still be valid even where there is no belief in past lives.

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