What Style of Hypnosis is Used at NaturalHypnosis.com?

A hypnotist’s approach to doing hypnosis -- which techniques they use most often, what tone of voice they use, whether they help with just the symptoms or actually dig deeper for the cause -- is usually a reflection of their core life philosophy.

A lot of visitors to our site have asked us the question, “what style of hypnosis do you use in these programs?

The short answer is, “the kind that helps the maximum number of people possible.

Which makes sense, since we make these programs to appeal to the full variety of human learning strategies – what we call the Dynamics of Human Change, which are universal.

But in order to give you a deeper understanding of our hypnosis programs here, I’m going to give you the longer answer in two ways:

  1. Giving you a sense of my deeper philosophy about life, human potential, and hypnosis to help people make transformational life changes; and
  2. Describing the actual hypnotic methods and techniques we use.

Before you do that, I welcome you to learn more about our hypnotherapist, well, me - Brennan Smith, by clicking here.

Philosophy of Transformation

The deepest themes that run through my approach to my own self-development, and the way I believe transformation occurs for all people, include:

  1. The more I trust that everything has a reason for being the way it is now, and trust that everything will work out going forward, the more I transform
  2. The more I learn about my human “flaws” and “problems,” the more they all just become “natural human behavior patterns.” Once something isn’t a problem anymore, it doesn’t own me. I own it, and I can choose to change it or just laugh at it and go on living my life.
  3. The more I think my thoughts and take my actions and make my choices within a context that has a long time-line, the more my thoughts and actions and choices serve me.

A deeper dive on these ideas would look like this:

  • In the first theme, it makes no difference to me whether the reason everything is the way it is now comes from a Divine Creator or random chance or a logical sequence of predictable events. All that’s important is that we trust that everything has a source, and accept it as it is.

An example: once I learned how panic attacks are created by the brain, I was able to trace my first panic attack back to its chemical beginnings, and understand how the pattern got created from there – suddenly, with the help of hypnosis, those emotions of panic had no power over me.

This trust in what is true now automatically sets up a trust that, as we step out of our comfort zones and call ourselves to transform, we will be OK.

  • That sets the foundation for us to laugh at our “problems,” because as we learn more and more about the human condition we see that we’re not broken . . . we’re just experiencing one of the human challenges that 1000’s of others have faced, and that is probably pretty inconvenient or uncomfortable, and that we can now take ownership of and do something about.

An example: I had a client who was really mad at her spouse for his insensitive communication. She and I then had a series of conversations about the nature of human communication, the nature of relationship dynamics, and the patterns those two create together. All of a sudden, her husband was being human – it had nothing to do with her. That’s just the way he talks, because he’s that kind of human.

  • So now we’re trusting the world as it is, and we’re trusting that any flaws we have are just natural human patterns that we can improve over time. This means we’re free to take ownership of our thoughts and actions and choices. So what will we choose?

Well, if we’ve got a short time-line we’ll probably just choose distraction – temporary pleasure. If the context of our actions is fueled by a vision that keeps us looking long-term, on the other hand, then we’re filled with purpose.

An example: my wife and I were going to move in support of her career, and we knew 2 years in advance. Suddenly, I started thinking with a 2-year time-line and made the choice to learn internet entrepreneurship because I knew my private practice would take time to re-build in a new city – and Natural Hypnosis was born, and it has changed my life completely!

Our Style of Hypnosis

People receive suggestions along a spectrum ranging from a 100% literal interpretation of what is suggested, over to a 100% read-between-the-lines analysis of what the person person thinks is being suggested.

  • The literal people like clear, direct suggestions.
  • The analytical folks like to be allowed to create the suggestions in their own way, within a framework.

As a result, we make sure that our programs always give people permission to guide their own experience and choose their reasons for making change in their lives, while occasionally offering direct suggestions for how to accomplish that change.

This involves a unique blend of multiple forms of hypnotic technique:

  1. Ericksonian metaphor
  2. Guided imagery
  3. Direct hypnotic suggestions
  4. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
  5. Time-line therapy ™
  6. Post-hypnotic suggestions

By covering all of the major learning strategies, and using all parts of the brain’s ability to make change through changed perspectives and belief systems, we maximize the results for our clients.

Another choice we’re constantly making is to address the root causes of symptoms, instead of just doing hypnosis that makes the symptoms go away.

Our goal is always to create long-term results that are permanent, and that empower our clients with the tools to continue making additional changes beyond the program topic they downloaded.

Thank goodness, in today’s modern world we know more than ever about human behavior patterns and how to change them, which means we are able to get increasingly predictable results with various approaches, hypnosis being just one of the top choices among psychologists and psychotherapists.

Which means there’s only one major factor that we will never be able to control: the level of your commitment to change. Turns out, that’s the single-most important and powerful part of transformation!

So... are you ready? If so, I welcome you to downlaod three separate hypnosis albumes I recorded -- for free -- and you can do so right now!!