Is There a Bugger Coming Out of Your Nose (that you are not even aware of)?

The people who belong in this room are the people who have ever had the experience of having a booger hanging out of their nose.

I'll tell you why.

There are multiple responses to having a bugger hang out of your nose.

People react to a bugger in their nose that they are not aware of in one of these three ways...

1. You are completely oblivious.

You don't know the bugger is there, and you don't notice that other people are looking at you. You're just wondering through life not knowing why tings are happening a certain way, or why people respond to you the way they do.

There are people that show up in partnership that way (be it a romantic or business partnership), where things go a certain way in their partnerships and relationships.

And they don't know why. And they don't know what they're doing about it.

2. You notice people are responding to you, but you don't know why.

The other way to come at it is:

You've got this bugger coming out of your nose, and you notice how everyone's responding to you.

  • And your perspective says that people are being critical.
  • That they are sending negative vibes.
  • That they are laughing at you.
  • That you can't trust them.
  • That you're not safe somehow.

People have that experience in partnerships. That experience where they feel they can't trust, or there's pressure on them, or that it's all about them and that they're not safe.

So, that's another way that it fits.

3. You get overconfident and cocky.

And the third way that it fits is:

You've got this bugger hanging out of your nose, and you're walking around and everyone's looking at you - so you kind of puff up your chest, proudly thinking "Yeah! Everyone's looking at me!"

And you're nodding back, and you're smiling, and you're giving the vibe...

In this case you are in complete disconnect with what is actually going on in the experience of the other. And your ego is blinding you to the truth of where you are and what's really happening.

That's my playful way of saying that you might be a person who has experienced partnerships that were less than completely fulfilling, less than completely trusting, less than completely communicative, or that seemed ego driven on their part or your part.

No matter what, it's just a reflection of whatever it is that your currently not seeing about yourself, because you don't know that bugger is there.

We're going to wake you up to your buggers. We're going to wake you up to what's in your nose. And help you clear it out. We're going to be your Kleenex.

You'll come back clean, and shiny, and self confident, and aware just how powerful and present and gorgeous you are!

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