Hypnosis and Emotion Release Techniques

There is only one type of emotion that individuals are interested in ‘releasing’ and that is negative emotion.

Our ability to deal with emotion, both positive and negative, is what largely defines us on a day-to-day basis because it is our emotions which vary, depending on immediate experiences.

Underlying those changes in emotion, we always have a basic personality which should equip us to deal with any negative emotion. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

As with many personality or psychology based issues, there is a whole industry which has built up around what is essentially dealing with stress.

There is also a whole raft of jargon which surrounds what is essentially a very straightforward issue.

The ‘cures’ are either physical, mental or spiritual and very often a combination of all three. All of these ways of dealing with Emotion Release are empirically based rather than having any sort of basis in science measurement... and that is quite common in the psychological world.

So whether you’re anxious, feeling guilty, stressed, frightened or sad, you will be pleased to hear that there is always a technique which will help you to return to your normal default state.

One such technique is hypnosis - and we've prepaired a free hypnosis download for you - here - so you can give it a try right now.

How to Deal With a Negative Emotion.

  1. The first stage of dealing with any sort of negative emotion is to identify which one it is.
  2. The other thing to remember before you engage in any ‘techniques’, is that any negative feelings that you may have are always about the future. If you know that, it will help you to deal with all negative feelings.

Your negative feelings are very often connected to your subconscious calculating consequences of the event which created the negative emotion.

  • Bear in mind that your negative emotional response can mean that your overall mental, physical and spiritual system is somehow not working properly or out of balance.

For instance, have you noticed that certain foods and beverages can affect your mental state the following day? So, before you go looking for ‘cures’, it may be worth checking that your basic physical needs are being catered for.

  • The other thing to remember is that because of the way we are designed, we make decisions by analogy. We do things in a certain way because of learned behaviour. We call it “experience”. Our emotions work on a similar system.

When you’re a child, you may remember a close relative dying and you may also understand that your reaction was that of a child. You were sad but as a child, you would only have been vaguely familiar with the consequence of say, a grandfather dying.

Whereas your parents would have been devastated and doubly stressed because of the practical as well as the emotional factors that they were having to understand and deal with.

Contrary to what some may tell you, such a feeling of devastation is quite normal and although some may call it a ‘technique’, a good honest cry or even a scream has many therapeutic advantages.

Ultimately, you want your negative emotions OUT. You want to help them to escape - and this is exactly where hypnosis excells in helping people - see how hypnosis works.

Everything Creates an Emotional Response.

All significant events in your life will create some sort of emotional response , and there is nothing wrong with that.

Some find physical therapy in the hands of chiropractors or ERT practitioners. They will make adjustments to your physical ‘shape’ through manipulating your spine, etc. This is just an example of a type of biofeedback whereby your sense of mental well-being is recaptured physically.

Some of us are believers in prevention rather than cure. The intensity and seriousness of our automatic emotional reactions are very often conditioned responses rather than learned behaviours.

The good news is that even these conditions or learned behaviours which trigger automatic responses, can be unlearned - something a skilled hypnotist should be able to help you with easily.

Emotion release techniques (ERTs) are not a particular school of thought. It is an ‘umbrella’ phrase for any technique which is used to remove or mitigate negative emotional reactions to a specific event or circumstance.

So whether your solution to releasing negative emotions is physical, mental or spiritual, somewhere out there, there is a technique for you to try.

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