Fulfill Your Urge to Make a Difference in Your Life and Those of Others

I’ve often wondered if Natural Hypnosis is doing enough to help people, and to help humanity face and solve its most pressing challenges (a lasting peace, a sustainable relationship with the environment, and an end to extreme poverty).

Today I was reading Richard Barrett’s excellent book, The Values-Driven Organization. Barrett’s goal with this book is helping company leaders understand how to engage employees at every level of their organization around a central vision, mission, and value-set.

In this book, Barrett gives you and me an unintended gift – for your gift, keep reading.

My gift was the freedom from my concern about whether we’re doing enough to help you and help the world.

How your gift got delivered.

Barrett bases a lot of his writing on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs (you’ve probably seen his triangle diagram in high school or college psychology class). The original language Maslow used to illustrate the stages we go through in getting our natural needs met were:

  • Physiological: air, food, water, shelter
  • Security: health, job, family stability
  • Love: friendship, family, intimacy
  • Self-Esteem: confidence, respect
  • Self-Actualization: living with purpose

Barrett has shifted the language a bit, to better apply it to how humans operate within an organization. He says that, unless our fundamental human needs are met (whether by ourselves, by the government, or by the organization where we work), we simply won’t have the ability to rise to our greater abilities and our desire to make a difference.

In Barrett’s description, the levels look like this:

  • Survival: health, safety, financial stability
  • Relationship: recognition, loyalty, friendship
  • Self-Esteem: high performance, pride, confidence
  • Transformation: personal growth, constant learning
  • Internal Cohesion: integrity, trust, vision
  • Making a Difference: fulfillment, community involvement, environmental awareness
  • Service: social responsibility, serving humanity, legacy for generations to come

Here at Natural Hypnosis, we support people in the mastery of the first 4 needs, and in the transition to the 5th level – visionary action toward fulfilling service.

Your gift, and your job from this point forward. Right here on this site, you’ve got a set of tools and support systems at your fingertips to get your basic 4 needs met (financial security, health, self-esteem, and relationships).

Focus on those, and master them. Take your time, and do it right.

But remember all the while that meeting your basic needs is not the end goal. You might want to start with figuring out your life purpose.

Once your needs are met, you will feel that uniquely human urge inside – first, the urge for transformation, then for contribution, then for making a real difference.

We’re proud to participate in that process, and we are absolutely compelled to help you rise to that level of your own fulfillment and purpose. Let us know how we can help you get there, and enjoy the journey.

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