Effectiveness of Hypnosis When You Want to Quit Smoking (Video)

Natural Hypnosis hypnotherapist Brennan Smith talks about how a three part session he's reccorded, Smoking Cessation, can help people permanently stop smoking in 85% percent of the cases!

Feel free to check the mp3 session that Brennan's made - the Smoking Cessation session can be found right here https://www.naturalhypnosis.com/smoking-cessation

Watch the video of Brennan disucssing how his method works for him, or read the transcrip just below.

How to Stop Smoking With Hypnosis - video transcript:

There's as many ways to use hypnosis to help people stop smoking as there are hypnotherapists.

Everybody seems to have their own approach and I've seen advertisments for GUARANTEED results and ONE SESSION ONLY and all of that.

What I know is what works for me. Smoking cessation is a three session package. Period.

People commit to that and I know I can get them, 85% of the time, permanently free from cigarettes.

85% is higher than any other published rate of any other method, from the patch to the gum to acupuncture to anything else.

So I stick with that protocol. I know it works, I know I can customize it to each individual and make sure we fit it just right for them, and then we get the results.

And that's what's important.