How to Combine Hypnosis With Napoleon Hill's Teachings for Explosive Results

If you’ve read Napoleon Hill’s grand-daddy Law of Attraction book, “Think and Grow Rich”, then you know how deeply connected his approach is with auto-suggestion (which is still emphasized today, but most people call it affirmation).

One of the things that neuroscience hadn’t figured out when Napoleon wrote the book is why affirmations are so powerful, and how much more powerful they can be when they are repeated while feeling positive emotions in a trance state.

How Visualizing Works.

  1. First, let’s be clear that visualizing creates a light state of trance, which means an openness to suggestions from yourself and others.
  2. Then we add in emotions, preferably positive. This deepens the trance, and the openness.
  3. Then we suggest (affirm) that the highest possible truth about ourselves – our vision of the life we’re choosing to create, our relationships, our empowerment and fulfillment – is already true. It’s ours. It’s here now. We have taken ownership of it.

This visualization + positive emotion + affirmation formula produces two major results in the brain:

1. Filtering / Focusing.

Mixing pictures + sensation + words affects the attention-processing centers, causing the brain to filter out any information that contradicts the truth of the affirmations, and focus on all of the information that supports that truth.

2. Familiarity.

Mixing sight + feelings + logic creates familiarity.

In the past, your highest form of success or happiness might have been an unknown to your brain... and the brain hates the unknown, because as long as you only experience things that you’ve already experienced, you will survive.

By affirming and picturing and feeling great emotions over and over, your brain gets comfortable allowing these circumstances to arrive.

There are people who constantly tell me that they can’t visualize, or they can’t seem to bring up positive emotions, or they don’t know what to say when they’re creating affirmations (usually because they want them to be perfect).

Combining Hypnosis With Napoleon Hill's Teachings.

Many people have built the life of their dreams by applying Napoleon Hill's teachings, and now you can turbocharge that with hypnosis by combining the two!

This is where hypnosis comes in.

When you’re in hypnosis, guided by a partner who you can trust (in this case because you’re both committed to the powerful principles in Think and Grow Rich), visualization and imagination flow more easily.

Emotions can be felt as real, just like you’ve felt them when you’re dreaming and couldn’t tell it was just a dream. And the same reality occurs with your vision / affirmation / highest self – it just keeps getting more real.

Combining hypnosis and teachings from Think and Grow Rich takes all of the auto-suggestions (affirmations) from the book, and lets you relax and just fill in the blanks.

For example, Napoleon Hill recommends that two times every day you repeat the phrase, “I am allowing myself to create and receive (amount of money). I know I can receive (amount of money) because the money is already there, awaiting my arrival. My subconscious mind must hand over to me practical plans for acquiring the money which is mine.

Can you imagine being deeply relaxed, visualizing that the money is already yours while feeling great about how you’re going to make life-changing use of these resources... and all you have to do is fill in the blank of the amount of money?

You can be deeply relaxed and experience auto-suggestion fueled by turbo boosters - our Think and grow rich hypnosis audio will help you get in that mindset quickly.

Now you’ve done the affirmation side, and all that’s left is doing – with excellence – whatever is available for you to do in the direction of your vision, knowing that it’s already done. It’s yours. Enjoy the journey.