Can You Learn to Enjoy Exercise? Brennan Did, Here's How.

Our hypnotist, Brennan Smith, talks about how he overcame the obstacle of making himself exercise regularly - in his case he goes running every other day.

Bellow we have prepared a transcript of the video if you'd rather read than watch - and here you can download a hypnosis mp3 made by Brennan to help you stay motivated to excursive and focused on accomplishing your goal..

Please enjoy the video.

And then here's the transcript of our "How to enjoy exercise" video:

Hello Again,

I was just about to go on my run, and I had a thought that I wanted to share with you.

The thought is - why the hell would I ever go running? I hate running! Why am I going on a run? I hate the sweating, I hate feeling my heart pounding, I have feeling my lungs struggling, I hate feeling my legs all sore and icky - I hate all of it!

It's practically 90 degrees out today and it's humid. I do not want to run right now. So why am I going running?

You might have felt this way about some of the challenges in your life.

I know for a fact one of the reasons I never used to run was because it would be hard. And I didn't like the idea that I might meet up against the edge of my capacity. That I might bump into myself and discover that I was weak or that I suck.

Now, the answer when I ask myself: "Why am I going running?" was the very same reason just put in positive framework of mind.

I go, because every time I go, when I get to the end, I feel a sense of my capacity to do things that are tough, to do things I don't want to do, because they are the right thing to do.

And the reason I was able to get from not being a runner to being somebody who runs three miles every other day - just like that, I just do it every other day, it just happens - is because I asked for help.

I had this accountability partner when I started out. When I went from somebody who just sat at my computer all day and didn't have any kind of exercise going on.

I started doing daily walks, and my accountability partner said that the toughest thing you'll ever do is to get into a daily routine of moving your whole body.

And he was talking about himself of course, he meant it was tough for him to pull off.

But something about the way he said it made me realize that this is going to be hard. And I'm finally ready to be that kind of person who does it for this very reason.

Over the course of a few years now of being a runner, I've learned to trust myself to step in when things are hard.

There's a reliability in a way I live my life that I never used to have. The way of living up to the commitments and the goals and the promises that I set.

It all started by just going for a walk every day for 20 minutes.

Years later I've lived quite a different life. Quite a much more beautiful life for which I'm really grateful.

So the question I have for you today is: What is the challenge facing you? And what could you learn about your capacity if you go do it step by step?

Maybe with an accountability partner, ask for help from somebody with more experience, get a mentor, whatever you got to do!

Even if it's tough, so that you'll learn about yourself just how tough you are. Just how powerful you are. Because I know you are. We all are. It's in us, it's part of our dignity, it's the way we are all built.

I'm looking forward to hearing in your comments the challenges you are facing right now, any help that we can provide, any support we can help with.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your study of overcoming and discovering of what you're really capable of.

Enjoy the journey.