Can Hypnosis Help You to Successfully Take Tests? (video)

In this video Brennan Smith, the hypnotist that is behind all recordings at Natural Hypnosis, talks about the fear, anxieties and fobias people fear when taking tests or exams.

In this particular case, Brennan addresses the Bar Exam takers.

If you want to conquer your fear, your anxiety, your stress or maybe even fobia you have before and during a test, you can download a hypnosis mp3 session that Brennan pre recorded just for that case - and our test taking success hypnosis mp3 can be found right here!

And here's the video:

For those of you that would rather read than watch the video itself, we have prepaired a transcript. Please enjoy it!

Oh Gosh, Yeah... The Bar Exam... Uh.

It's another one of those anxiety provoking events we've talked a lot about.

Various fears and fobias and anxieties that hypnosis helps with just like that! And passing the bar is something that when you have done your preparation, and that is yours to do, the student has to know the stuff.

But when you know your stuff, you deserve to have that little Esq after your name and test taking anxiety and worries about the bar should be the last thing that get in the way between you and being an attorney.

So, when people come in, it's usually just a few sessions, maybe two or three. We can talk about some learning strategies, maybe some recall strategies and we do the hypnosis that creates a deep foundation under all of it for that emotional support.

So they can go in with confidence and deliver what they know. That's what's important.