A Magical Case Study on Manifestation From Someone Just Like You!

Vicky from Australia has been more than kind in writing us how our Manifestation Mastery package has helped her in her life.

Please note that she has a mindest full of positive expectation and abundance, and I think we can all learn from her and her magical way of thinking.

Let's hear it straight from Vicky - please enjoy the read and pay attention, we've got plenty to learn!

I have recently left a 20 year marriage and am on unemployment. $486-80/fortnight.

I have been listening to your hypnosis and "WoW" Nothing more to say really! LOL

I have always had a charmed life and never been without. I chose to take very little from my husband as he is a farmer and farming and his farm is his life. I asked for little because it was do-able for him and I know I can turn that into a lot more. Since I listened to your material, I will dot point the good stuff.

  • Gave a lift to hitch hiking man at 9.30pm to neighboring suburb. He gave me $50 and it paid for my fuel next fill.
  • Was in Real Estate Sales, moved to a different State and needed to pay $1195 to redo my Certificate. My girlfriend and her hubby paid.
  • My sister gave me $250 so I could get to the classes.
  • My son the last six months has given me $2300 to get by.
  • His girlfriend gave me $200 for pocket money.
  • My brother's friends gave me a 3 bedroom town house to myself (they are holidaying in another state and won't be back for at least another 6 months) rent free.
  • I opened my bank account last Friday and there was an extra $130 from the unemployment. It said on statement Payment including bonus. I still don't know what that is for or why. I am not asking, just thanking.
  • My mum gave me $150 to get by.
  • When I receive my Real Estate Certificate in this next week, I was told I needed to pay $468 to Office of Fair Trading for registration and then I can get a job. Was wondering how I was going to pay it. My unemployment case manager said a couple of weeks ago they do not pay for any of these things. Last week she calls me and said she had spoken to the higher powers to be and because I have been active, focused, happy and consistent in looking for work they have decided to pay my registration fees so I can go to work. She said the drawback was I would not be given the money. An officer would go with me to the Office of Fair Trading and pay at the counter. Gee, ok!!!!! LOL
  • Was speaking with a finance broker (researching property etc) and she asked me what I did and I said Real Estate but waiting for Certificate. Oh she said I will call Ben. We do work for them and they are looking for someone. Ben called me within 5 minutes of hanging up with "Carol King" (Finance Broker. yes I know. Carol King - good name to have) and I now have an interview tomorrow at 2pm.
  • I was thinking this afternoon will I have enough fuel in the car tomorrow. My son called in and asked if I can run a work mate home because he was going in the opposite direction to an appointment. I said I don't have much fuel. The work mate put $30 of fuel in my car.
  • I didn't have the fuel money because I had taken $50 out and given it to my son's girlfriend because she is going to her brother's wedding and I thought it would help as she had been so kind to give me pocket money. She said thank you but you need it more than I do and put it back in my bank today.
  • I have gone from $5 to $20 and now have $50 Seed Money Magnet. (which I don't include in how I will pay something).

There are other things which elude me right now.

I am usually a positive person who has faith everything happens for a reason.

This is my turn for the universe to teach me how to improve my budgeting. I've always made reasonable money and never been without. I basically shop (not silly) and don't ever really look at what anything costs. I'm an all or nothing person. If I can't afford what I want, I go without until I can.

Having said that, my point is, here I am on unemployment. I kept the faith that all will be well in my world but when I received your hypnosis material I started listening immediately. And there is no doubt in my mind that your material is the reason the above has happened. I'm still smiling. Honestly it's like Cosmic Comedy!!!! LOL

So cheers Brennan, I will get the rest of the programs when I have the money and it seems that is not far away. LOL!!! Thank you so very much for all the research, study, passion and hard work you have done to bring this to me at this time.

Vicky, thank you for sharing this AMAZING testimonial with us, and for showing us the power of manifestation and hypnosis when used like it should be used!