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Smoking Cessation

Our premier program to stop smoking, featuring 6 comprehensive hypnosis sessions to target your mind from all angles with full guarantee - stop smoking or your money back!

If you really want this.. if you really want to quit smoking, forever.. then it really is possible.

This program, combined with your desire and your positive actions, will give you a much greater chance of quitting smoking than ever before.. in fact we are so confident that this system can completely change your experience of stopping smoking, make it 10x easier for you and ensure you stop FOREVER.. that we guarantee it; if it doesn't help you then we won't keep your money!

Stopping Smoking Isn't (usually) Simple

Stopping smoking isn't easy, for some it may be easy to stop for a few days or even weeks, but then they go back to it, for others the cravings, urges and feelings are very intense straight away and they don't get very far at all (are you one of these people or is your experience a little different again?).

We are all different – some people having smoked for longer than others, some people having smoked for much longer (maybe even decades?). People smoke for different reasons, they get a different buzz or feeling, have different thoughts, memories and feelings associated towards smoking.

Stopping smoking isn't simple, for any two people the process is so vastly different.. on the surface they may both be “trying to quit smoking” but the depth and variety of thoughts, feelings, bodily reactions they will both be experiencing will be often so mixed and alien to each other that the experience is totally different from one person to the next.

This is why stopping smoking is not just a simple thing for most people to do, and also why most traditional advice to stop smoking doesn't have a very strong strike rate..

However, this is also exactly why hypnosis can be so beneficial and does have a super high success rate!

Making YOUR Experience of Quitting Easier

People who have already successfully quit smoking all share certain things in common. They share patterns of thinking, they share a mindset and the same associations towards smoking and quitting smoking.

It is because of these positive pattens of thinking that they were able to quit – that the experience wasn't so unpleasant, that it was “easier” than some people and they were able to make it.

If you have struggled in the past then in one way or more, your thoughts and patterns of thinking are not quite so aligned with the thoughts of these people who managed to quit.. but this won't be the case for long!

This program is designed to take the struggle out of stopping smoking by giving you these same patterns of thinking too, so that stopping is easier for you, and that you too can quit.

This program essentially takes the variance and personal difference out of trying to quit smoking.

It does not matter how much you smoke, or for how long you have been a smoker!

These powerful hypnosis sessions access your subconscious mind directly, cutting past all of the logical, mental and rational thoughts you have and in-fact realigning them below the surface.

Because of this your whole experience of quitting smoking will change, it will be much less of a struggle and much more similar to the experiences shared by those people who do much more naturally manage to stop smoking; you too will find it an easier process this time, you will find it more natural and actually a more positive experience where you focus on the positives and benefits of quitting rather than always thinking about the negative cravings.

A Complete System – Everything you Need

Simply put, this package contains everything you need to do this for real, no matter how much you currently smoke or what your past history is in terms of trying to quit.

Imagine yourself concretely deciding to do this, that now is the time, you are more positive than ever, you want this time to be different, a future where really do quit smoking forever and stay smoke free... and then imagine:

1 Week On

You've quit! That's it! You have stopped smoking, and you feel better than ever! You feel more positive than you ever have before and you know this time will be different.

Your enthusiasm isn't just early excitement – you have listened to the first two hypnosis sessions and you know something has changed inside of you.. you know that this time is going to be different; that you really will quit.

2 Weeks On

Your whole mental attitude has changed. You are in the usually difficult period where the initial drive and determination wears off.. but not for you.

You are listening to sessions 3 & 4 and they are supporting you, changing the way you approach quitting. You are still super positive and you are finding the process much easier and much more natural – you are even enjoying the process and getting a buzz from the knowledge you now have – that you really aren't tempted by cravings and that you won't be going back to your old ways.

3 Weeks On

This is the point where a new habit really gets established. The 3 week mark is crucial and at this point you know that is it, that you have done it.

You move on to listening to tracks 5 & 6 and they support you into transitioning into normal life forever-more. They solidify all of the changes which have taken place physically, mentally and subconsciously.

From this point onwards things are just easier and easier – it is simply natural now; you are just not a smoker any more.

1 Month Later

You are still smoke free, you look back on the last month and the journey you have been through.

You feel great..

You wonder why you didn't do this sooner!

You take a deep breath of clean air, you are breathing deeper and more naturally as your lungs are actually cleaning and repairing themselves.

You feel healthier and cleaner than you have in years and you are looking forwards to a whole new, healthier, longer life!

You are no longer tempted to go back to your old ways, you just simply KNOW that this time is different, that you really have quit, that you will never go back – the urges, the temptation and impulses are just no longer there, you are now, naturally, a non smoker, it is easy, it is just who you are.

What You Will Receive

This program is only for those who are 100% serious about quitting. If this is you then this program is fully comprehensive and really can take you from struggling with smoking to successfully quitting – it contains 6 focused hypnosis sessions (and an eBook guide) which guide you right through the process for the course of 1 month:

Session 1 - New Emotional Patterns

Before you get to the session designed to end your slavery to cigarettes permanently (the Freedom Session), we have two preparation tracks which are equally important to lay a solid foundation.

This is the first of the 2 preparation tracks – in New Emotional Patterns you will acquire a powerful new way to manage your emotions, so that you're still getting all of your needs met, but in ways that are truly useful and satisfying. This audio is important as it creates those new emotional patterns to set you up for success.

Session 2 - New Mental Patterns

This is part two of your essential foundation for success. With your emotions stabilized, it is time to move onto shifting some key mental patterns that developed during your time as a regular smoker.

Your improved mental patterns (which are the patterns of a non-smoker) join forces with your awesome new emotional patterns to create a place of total readiness -- you're ready to be free, forever.

After this session you will be super positive, you will be ready, you will feel that anything is possible and you will simply know that you really can stay free from smoking forever!

Session 3 - Freedom Session (This is it!)

This is it. You've taken all the right steps leading up to this point and have laid a solid foundation for success.

You are now ready to be free once and for all -- free from the crutch of cigarettes, free from burning your money just to poison your body, free from the social scorn, free from the nasty smell in your hair and clothes. You're FREE.

Listen to this session and prepare for your whole mindset and life to change – a life free from smoking, and full of health and energy in abundance!

Session 4 - Freedom Strengthened

The Freedom Session is a longer audio than usual, so we've created this reinforcer session to strengthen the freedom session by using the power of repetition.

This audio enhances all of the key concepts from the Freedom Session, and it can do so quickly because you're already familiar with them. This session will be your trusty side-kick for the next couple weeks – the session that you will come back to regularly to reinforce the changes and to keep you on track and kick any doubts or cravings into the dust.

If you listen to this session regularly over the next 2 weeks then you will stay smoke-free!

Session 5 - Easier and Easier

It's natural and normal for you to experience resistance at around the 2 week mark after your Freedom Session. This is the audio that you'll listen to (along with Session 3 still too) during those 2 weeks after the Freedom Session, so that resistance glides right past you.

Instead of having the experience where the initial excitement and focus wears off, things get harder and you go back to your old habits, this session will keep you focused, make things easier for you and ensure that you stay on track through this point which can otherwise be difficult.

It will see you through to the 3 week mark where the new habit (or naturally not smoking) starts to really solidify – by the end of this session, (after another few days to a week) not smoking will seem much less of a struggle and more like just part of who you are – that you are just naturally a non smoker now!

Session 6 - Permanent Freedom

Once you've arrived at the 3 week mark, you've hit a crucial benchmark. This is the audio that you'll focus on most after this 3 week point.

It will keep you thinking, feeling, and taking action in the ways that lead you to permanent freedom.

This session sets your mindset into the future, the distant future, and you will truly feel and actually KNOW that you have quit smoking forever, and once you truly KNOW this then nothing can bring you back.


eBook – Smoking Cessation Hypnosis Guide

With this Smoking Cessation series we also include an eBook mini guide.. It explains more about the experience you are about to go through and about what to expect. It will answer any questions you still have and act as a listening guide – giving more in-depth information about the tracks, as well as advice on which order to listen to them, when to move on and what to expect.

It will also get you into a positive and proactive mindset and get you ready for your first session and the wider experience you will be going through over the coming weeks.

This package contains everything you need to do this for real, no matter how much you currently smoke or what your past history is in terms of trying to quit.

If you read through this eBook guide and listen to the hypnosis audio sessions as outlined then you really will be able to quit smoking – forever.

100% Guaranteed

While we can't guarantee that this will work for everyone, we can confidently state that if you really want to truly stop smoking, if you want this more than anything else in your life right now, and you use this program from that state of mind and perspective then you will be very, very.. VERY likely to stop smoking, and stay free from smoking forever!

We can't guarantee is that this program will work for absolutely everyone – we are all different, all smokers have different attitudes towards smoking, some smoke much more, have smoked for longer, and some people are more keen than others to quit.

However, what we can guarantee (because we are firstly so confident in the power of hypnosis generally, and secondly, that we have put everything possibly into this program to make it market leading and fully comprehensive), is that if you don't quit smoking, forever, after following this program right though over the course of 1 month, we will give you a complete refund.

If you don't stop smoking forever and feel 10x happier and healthier after using this program then we don't want your money.

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