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Self Confidence

Self Confidence Hypnosis System Cover

Allow the power of this complete hypnosis series for confidence into your subconscious mind – to rewire your self confidence from the inside – out, and to change the way you see yourself on a deeper level to develop rock solid, lasting confidence.

Are you ready to get started with the world's most in-depth, focused confidence hypnosis audio sessions? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you ever catch yourself putting yourself down with negative internal dialogue?
  • Do you spend a lot of time “in your head”, worrying, thinking, wishing, worrying what others think of you or regretting?
  • Is your lack of confidence holding you back in life, stopping you from taking advantage of opportunities, experiencing things, and reaching the success you know you are capable of?
  • Are you worried that you can't change? Or simply are at a loss as to how to increase your confidence and live the life you really want to?

If you can answer yes or see yourself in any of these situations then keep reading to learn more about confidence, and how hypnosis could be a perfect way to increase your confidence and self belief in a more natural way.

But first lets take a look at why it can be difficult to master confidence.. to truly master “natural confidence” in all areas of your life.

Confidence is Elusive

Do you ever feel that in some situations you do have confidence.. but not all areas of your life?

Perhaps you have confidence in certain situations where you have experience and expertise, but can be a nervous wreck and inside your head in new social situations.

Confidence can be so elusive because you can have simple, natural area specific confidence in some situations, yet be frozen with self doubt and negativity in others.

This makes confidence seem like it is something which is fixed.. It seems like because you can be happy and confident in some ways but not others, that confidence is something you either have or you haven't got.

..but this is not the case, confidence is not fixed!

You Can Increase Your Confidence

Confidence is something which you can change! At it's core it is simply a set of habits, beliefs and patterns of thinking.. it is basically the way in which you view yourself on a deep level, which in turn influences and directly dictates how you live your life.

All you have to do is change the way you think and change the way you feel about yourself. You need to hold yourself in higher esteem and see yourself more positively.

Ultimately confidence is in the eye of the beholder.. if you believe you are confident, if you believe in yourself and your capabilities, if you think positively, only then will this filter into your outward behavior.. and only then will you actually become confident.

And here we are talking about “natural confidence”.. not area specific confidence which comes with expertise in a certain niche, but true confidence which comes from within; confidence which is a part of your core, so that in all areas of your life you are stable and confident.. So that when you enter new situations, meet new people, socialize etc, that everyone sees you as confident no matter what situations you find yourself in.

However, increasing your confidence can be easier said than done..

Improving Confidence is a Catch 22

It takes a little confidence to increase your confidence; you need to step out of your comfort zone to push yourself... but this can be hard as that takes confidence to do so, it is a catch 22 situation.

If you really have low confidence and can't step up and push yourself then you can be stuck.. unless you can get inside of your mind and rewire your thoughts a little, unless you can change how you see yourself and how you think.

And this is why hypnosis can be so effective, it can give you a boost from within, without needing to push externally.

This series of hypnosis session will help you by giving you the confidence so that you can step outside of yourself, so you can push yourself and grow naturally in the real world. It will give you the subconscious support and make you feel good, strong, positive and self confident and you will find yourself stepping out of your comfort zone more and more.

Break Free From Your Chains

Allowing yourself to live your life with a lack of confidence is the worst possible thing you could do to yourself. It is a sure fire way of living a limited lifestyle, of not achieving what you are capable of and of spending each year as you get older looking back and regretting the things you haven't done.. because you couldn't step outside yourself.. because you didn't have the confidence.

A lack of confidence will limit you, it will hold you back so much more than anything else you could do to yourself..

That's right; “do to yourself”..

.. We say that because you are in control, or at least you can take control if you really want to. If you really want to step up and live the life you want to, to stop being limited by your lack of self esteem and confidence then you really can.

This comprehensive series of hypnosis sessions will give you that control. It will put you in the driving seat of your mind and help you to change the way you see yourself on a deeper level, so that you can step outside of yourself and become more confident in all areas of your life and all situations.. so that you are simply a naturally confident person.

What You Will Receive

This complete “system” contains 6 focused hypnosis sessions all leading on from each other and all designed to increase your self confidence at a core subconscious level, as well as an downloadable mini-guide eBook to show you exactly what to do, how to listen and what to expect.

You need to listen to this series, at least the first time in order, from 1-6, so that you progress from start to finish in a linear system as each session builds on the last.

Session 1 - One Step at a Time

This comprehensive first session serves two major purposes:

Firstly, it reminds you to allow your confidence to increase consistently over time, more and more each day.

Secondly, it gives you an opportunity to integrate that increased confidence into your daily life in a variety of situations. You will be natural, powerful and confident when you can trust yourself to this level.

Session 2 - Worthiness and Self-Esteem

One of the most common confidence killers is found in our internal dialogue, usually when we answer the question, "am I worthy?"

That question is a draining and negatively leading question, as if you have to ask it then usually the answer is negative.

This session will make you feel worthy – simply because you are worthy, of whatever you want and however you want to live your life. This powerful session will instil within you rock solid worthiness and self esteem, so that you can feel the rare freedom of living your most fulfilling life.

Session 3 - Source of Confidence

This session builds on your confidence by asking (and answering) the question: "Why do you want more self-confidence?" Once you know your reason for choosing to feel confident, and you are powerfully aware of the rich rewards confidence brings you, then you're ready to tap into the “source of confidence”.

Many people try and build without knowing themselves and their motivations – once you truly understand your motivations with help from this session then you goals will be clear and you will have a solid understanding of yourself to build real and lasting confidence upon.

Session 4 - Pure Possibility

Some people see obstacles everywhere they look. Others see possibility and opportunity.. but this takes courage and confidence.

This session will help you to think more like this, which will feed into your confidence in yourself, which will help you to see more possibilities in life and see life as a positive exciting journey.. which will feed back into you confidence.. which will.. do you get the idea?

This is a powerful session which helps to build a positive confidence loop which will grow and grow the more you listen.. but also just the more you get out there and live your life!

Session 5 - Advanced Confidence Coaching

This hypnotic experience is designed to bring you empowering new perspectives. You will take an inner journey where you will get to pick the aspect of your life in which you want confidence around.

Perhaps this is a project, a talent, a relationship, your social life or your career.. then once you've chosen your focus, you can sit back and relax and follow along step by step as you're coached by your master mentor hypnotherapist.

Session 6 - From Confidence to Charisma

Confidence is an internal feeling. Charisma is what other people feel, when your confidence becomes a source of leadership as you move through the world.

This final step moves you from the small picture (your own internal need for confidence) to the big picture (leading and empowering others because of who you have become).

This session will bring your confidence to the surface and let it overflow into all of your interactions, others will feel your confidence and this is when you truly will be confident on a natural level.

eBook - Self Confidence Hypnosis Guide

You will also receive a downloadable eBook guide. Before starting your confidence hypnosis series you should read over this guide as it will get you into the right sort of positive frame of mind where you can just relax, enjoy the process, and receive the most benefit. It will:

  • Explain simple listening guidelines: It will give you guidance on how to listen, when to listen, how often to listen and when to progress to the next session Everything you need to know is inside this booklet to help you to get started and progress right through this comprehensive system.
  • Prep you on the experience: It will tell you what you will hear, what you will feel like during the hypnosis and when you wake up. It will put your mind at rest so that you can simply relax and enjoy the experience.
  • Mentally prepare you for the experience: It will mentally prepare you and put you into a focused and relaxed state of mind where you are positively focused and looking forwards to developing your confidence.

Your New Life of Confidence Could Start Today..

If you really want it, if you are ready to transform your mindset internally and to push yourself externally then you really could begin this change and move towards lasting, natural confidence with help from our unique self confidence hypnosis sessions

However, this experience isn't right for everyone. It is a real commitment and you do need a real deeper desire to change.

If you are not 100% ready to commit to this process then this might not be right for you right now.

This is an experience which will change the way you think, the way you feel about yourself and your entire outlook on yourself and how you live your life and what you are capable of..

This series of hypnosis sessions will penetrate into your unconscious mind to completely rewire how you think of yourself. It will target your beliefs and life experiences from several different angles; to make you see life's possibilities if you live a life of confidence, to stop you from self sabotaging and holding yourself back and to simply help you to enjoy life and enjoy being a naturally outgoing and confident person who loves living and experiencing new things.

If you really want it, your life can be different, it could all start to turn around today and lead you to live the life you really want to.

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