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Gastric Band Hypnosis

Experience real and lasting weight loss without invasive surgery, with our world leading, fully comprehensive gastric band hypnotherapy program.

Before you jump in and take the medical invasive surgical procedure, find out more about virtual gastric band surgery through hypnotherapy - a natural, safer, and more affordable alternative.

Gastric Band Surgery... without the Surgery?

Yes, that’s right!

This is virtual surgery, hypnotic surgery! A fully immersive, deep hypnotic experience, focused around a unique hypnosis session which takes you on a guided hypnotic journey through gastric band weight loss surgery.

You will be actually visually guided through your gastric band surgical procedure. You will hear, in full 3D sound, your Brennan Smith (your hypnotist) guides you hypnotically and Dr. McGowan (your surgeon) talks and instructs you audibly through the virtual surgical experience.

This hypnotic experience convinces your subconscious mind and body that you have been through gastric band weight loss surgery. You mind has the power to actually change your sense of the size of your stomach, influence your appetite, and your feelings of been full and satiated.

This is a life changing experience, and it is not to be taken lightly. You need to really want to lose weight and make a commitment not only to listen to these penetrating hypnosis sessions but also to go along with the whole new lifestyle they will prompt.

However, if you are ready and you can commit to making dramatic changes in your lifestyle (for example the much smaller portions you will find yourself eating after this program) then this can be a safe, risk free and cheap alternative to medical gastric band surgery - and it really can help you to lose large amounts of weight and change your life forever!

How Gastric Band Surgery Works

Regular gastric band surgery is a medical procedure - an invasive, surgical procedure in which a silicone or sometimes inflatable band is fastened to the upper portion of the stomach.

It is often used as a last measure, and only for those with a BMI of over 30. The medical profession is selective about who should have the procedure as it is invasive and as with all surgery there is a recovery time and it isn’t without risk.

The result is that when the band is fastened, essentially the stomach size is 90% smaller - it is like going from a stomach as large as a football to one as small as a ping pong ball. This obviously physically forces you to eat less as your stomach is much smaller. A further added element to this is that it also forces you to eat healthily; because you can only eat a little bit you need to eat healthy food to ensure you get your daily nutrition.

However this is a description of the regular medical / invasive surgical procedure..

With gastric band HYPNOSIS ONLY - there is obviously no medical procedure.

There is no physical operation or invasion into the body, no physical lap band is inserted. The surgery is performed hypnotically, and through a series of hypnosis sessions you will believe that you have had the surgery and act accordingly - your appetite will dampen, you will get full earlier and you will eat smaller portions of food - the end result being a rapid amount of weight loss.

This is really possible, your mind with the power or raw belief and a greater desire to change has a power over your body which you will be shocked to experience.

This process isn’t to be taken lightly, it isn’t just a simple weight loss recording, but an all encompassing experience which will change your beliefs on a very core level.

Recorded in 3D Sound for a Truly Immersive Experience

The surgery track in this package has been recorded in 3D sound.

The microphone isn’t just one ordinary microphone, it is joint with two microphones - one for the left side and one for the right, they are spaced apart, roughly the distance of a human head between them, and thus they mimic how humans intercept sound - so when it is played back you here sound from the right mic in your right ear, and sound from the left mic in your left ear. It is just like really being there for yourself as the microphones pick-up sound from the left and the right and you will hear some sounds close to your ears, and some further away as people walk around the room for example..

Headphones Are Required: Because of this you do NEED to listen to the actual 3D sound surgery track with headphones.

This Means That...

You will hear your hypnotist whispering into your right ear. You will hear the surgeon approaching you and talking over your left shoulder, you will hear the clink of surgical instruments and you will be guided through the whole procedure by a team of nurses, your surgeon and of course your hypnotist, Brennan Smith.

This means you will have a much more powerful and immersive experience. It will be much more real, you will really live it and go through it! Because of this it will form a solid, lasting connection within your subconscious mind and you will really feel deeper changes and real results.

What You Will Receive

Our Gastric Band Hypnosis program is not just any weight loss hypnosis download, it is a comprehensive series of 7 hypnosis sessions which will lead you hypnotically through a gastric band surgery procedure. Your mindset will be re-wired from the inside out and you really will experience the benefits of serious weight loss, without the risk and complications of actual invasive body cavity surgery.

You NEED to listen to these tracks in order. The whole process should take you around 1 month. It is vitally important that you listen to the first 2 tracks - the “pre-surgery” tracks several times over the course of a week before you experience the actual surgical procedure track. This will ensure that your mind is prepped and your mindset is correct and positive going into the surgery and it will make you 10x more likely to succeed.

Develop strength against the desire to rush this process, real change happens slowly and in just 1 week’s time your wait will be well worth it.

Here is a breakdown and explanation of each separate session:

Session 1 - Depth Conditioning

The pre-surgery stage before your surgery which consists of sessions 1 and 2. This is important, it is vital that you listen to these hypnosis tracks to prep your mind and get the right mindset going into your surgery.

This first track is a relaxing trance experience. It teaches your mind and body to be calm, open, and focused, with undertones that if you can release stress you can release weight. This gives you an early success to build on from, a feeling that anything is possible, and a really positive mindset going forwards.

This track then helps you to develop a powerful vision for the life and the body and the benefits you're choosing to enjoy through this journey of transformation. It is a fun, calming session which lays the seeds for success within your mind.

Session 2 - Healthy Habit Anchors

This session is the 2nd pre-surgery session. It gives more structure than the first session, and focuses on generating a new rhythm for your thoughts and your day to day life.

This is so that after your virtual surgery you've already got great flow, great habits, and great emotions moving through your body. This session therefore is very focused around instilling within you the mindset required for success, and the mindset that you will need after your hypnotic surgery track to make a success of it and ensure that it really does change your life.

We'll stand firmly on the foundation that we build in this audio for the rest of the journey, so it is important that you listen to it several times over the first week. In-fact as you listen, 3, 4, 5 and more times you will feel better and better after each session. You will literally feel the hypnosis strengthening your mental resolve and solidifying your mindset for success.

These first two tracks will set you up for success . It can be tempting to skip on these tracks, but if you listen faithfully, you will be successful and see real results!

Gastric Band hypnosis is a big commitment. It is not just the act of listening to the hypnosis sessions and losing weight. There is a huge change of lifestyle after the surgery, and these two sessions will make sure you are in the right mindset and ensure that you have a solid foundation for greater success and results from your Hypno Gastric Band Surgery sessions.

Session 3 - Gastric Band Surgery

This is it, your 3D audio hypnosis gastric band surgery experience!

This is most powerful and cutting edge hypnosis process for weight release ever created.

This is the actual surgical experience track. It is fully recorded in 3D sound. You will have the experience of the operating theatre, fully under hypnotic guidance from Brennan (your hypnotist)

The audio starts off in the “pre-op” room where you will meet with Brennan and your anesthetist who will both be with you throughout the procedure.You will then be taken into the operating theatre where you will meet the rest of the nursing staff as well as your surgeon; Dr. McGowan. They will all speak to you throughout as they explain what is happening and talk you through the fitting of the gastric band.

This is a powerful process and it is interactive. You will be led to imagine and to feel, and you will awaken after the surgery knowing that you just had an important experience in your life.

* You should listen to this track after 1 week of listening to the sessions 1 and 2 (or at your discretion if you think you are ready).

** Listening to this session is a VERY immersive experience! It is not just for those who are curious. You should be really serious about having this procedure, you should have experienced hypnosis before, and have firmly made the commitment to have this experience and the lifestyle change which will come with it.

Session 4 - Fulfillment and Fuel

The session following your gastric surgery track is equally important. Its primary focus is to help to shape your mindset towards making naturally positive food choices as it is vital that you continue on from the surgery and start making healthy food choices straight away.

You've probably learned a lot about food choices over the years. This playful experience hits the [RESET] button on your mindset towards food choice, so that you're naturally attracted to colorful, tasty, healthy foods.

This track will also give you quality reinforcement and solidify the changes which are building within you from the surgery track.

After a new change in your life, in the early days it is easy to keep your commitment; you are excited, empowered, having a new experience and enjoying it. This track is important in that it will help you transition from this stage of excitement and energy and help you to really accept the procedure you have been through, that it really is a change within your mind and body which will stay with you and that you do just live this new healthy lifestyle now and make naturally positive and healthy food choices.

Session 5 - Confidence and Commitment

Often with relatively quick, dramatic life change the mind struggles to keep up with the physical change. This track helps by giving you positive reinforcement of the changes going on within your body.

One of the reasons your weight release becomes effortless and permanent through this process is that your sense of your own dignity and self-acceptance changes alongside your body's transformation. This audio creates that resilient self-esteem and positive self-identity and helps to ensure that you get lasting positive results.

The actual surgery is just the first step, the catalyst of your weight release. We don’t just leave you there though! We wanted to create the world’s leading gastric band through hypnosis program, and so we give even more after care than anywhere else; to support you in the critical post surgery stages when you have just been through a big change within your mind and body. This session will ensure that this process is very real for you and that you have 100% confidence in what your mind and body can achieve together!

You will gain confidence in what you have been through and the natural confidence that you really can release your excess weight and live a healthier lifestyle permanently. Through this confidence you will solidify your commitment to change on a deeper level and to living a healthy lifestyle forever!

Session 6 - Releasing Resistance

There is always some form of resistance when we try to change a behavior, and if it is a behavior or habit, or set of habits we have had for years then it can be difficult to overcome. Resistance is simply natural to the human experience, it is in-fact a form of defence mechanism in which your mind tries to protect you (from failure, stress, hardship, embarrassment etc) and keep you safe doing the things you know and are comfortable with.

This resistance needs to be overcome, you need to develop new habits and behaviors, and with this gastric band experience you are making a HUGE change in your life and within your mind. There will be resistance, doubt, fears and worries.

This track will make the difference. It will keep you firm in your mindset, it will help you to simply release your resistance rather than struggling with it, and it will help you to stay committed to your new lifestyle.

Self esteem is also important at this stage, and this session will help you to really believe that you deserve to be slim, healthy and happy, and also that you really can change, that this can happen for you, that you really can have a healthy, slim body, and the lifestyle to go with it!

Once you start thinking like this,once you start valuing yourself higher, and start really believing, then your transformation will really take hold and your life will change FOREVER!

Session 7 - Release Stress, Tighten Band

This last step in the gastric band hypnotherapy series is a powerful final session with two purposes:

  • Firstly, it reinforces and strengthens every tool and concept that you have integrated in the first 6 sessions. It will ensure that the seeds grow within your mind into permanent lifestyle change and real, lasting weight loss. It will reinforce your self belief and confidence in yourself that you can do this. It will solidify your positive attitude towards making healthy food choices, and it will focus your mind with a passion into looking into the future and seeing yourself succeed, releasing your unwanted weight and living the life you really want.
  • Secondly, it will tighten the virtual band so that you can feel full even longer as your body gets even stronger. This is when your results really accelerate! After a couple of weeks the new changes will be more normal to you, your body and your mind will be able to handle more - so this session will reaffirm and tighten your virtual gastric band and you will really start to move forwards and see real, quantifiable weight loss.

eBook: Getting Your Mindset Right For Gastric Band Surgery

This eBook should be read in your first week while listening to sessions 1 and 2. It has three main chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Explains more about these first 2 sessions and will give advice and guidelines on how to listen, what to expect and how many times to listen to each before progressing onto the 3rd session - your actual hypnotic surgery track.
  • Chapter 2: Will help you to prepare mentally, manage your expectations, and get your mindset correct so you can benefit from the surgical track coming next. The main reason that people struggle, or don’t see the results they want with weight loss gastric band procedures (whether medical or hypnotic) is a lack of mental preparation and commitment. This eBook along with the first 2 sessions will help to ensure that you have the strong and positive mental attitude you need for success.
  • Chapter 3:Will show you what to expect from the 3rd session - the actual surgery track. It will set your mind at ease and answer common questions, so that you can just sit back and enjoy the process without overthinking. There is a huge change of lifestyle after the surgeryIt is essential that you read this before listening to the surgical track.

This is only a short eBook but it is vital that you read through it in the first week as you listen to the first 2 tracks and before you progress onto the 3rd track. If you follow this pre-surgery advice you will gain a much increased chance of success; of seeing the real weight loss results you want!

eBook: Life After Gastric Band Hypnosis

The day of your gastric band surgery is the first day of the rest of your life. Don’t treat it with any lesser importance.

This eBook can be read before the surgery as it will help you to prepare for the changes which will occur within your mind and life, but you also need to read it following your surgery - on the same day.

It is not an overly long eBook and will take you perhaps 20-30 minutes to read, but it will help you to understand what to do next and explain the changes going on inside of you and what you can expect. It has two main chapters:

  • Chapter 1 - What’s Next?: This chapter will help you to acquire the right mindset going forwards. It will make you focused and positive and help you to do things properly to give you a higher chance of success.
  • Chapter 2 - Listening to Sessions 4-7: The gastric band hypnotherapy experience does not end with the 3D sound surgical track. Following through on the process and listening to sessions 4-7 is essential for real success and lasting results.. for real change. This eBook will explain how to progress with the next tracks. It will give a little more information an explanation about them to help you to know what to expect going in and it will give guidelines on how many times to listen, and when to move on to the next session.

eBook: After Gastric Band Hypnosis - Food and Nutrition Guide

After your surgery your eating habits have to change. You will feel yourself getting full much quicker, having less of an appetite, and you need to manage your meals carefully, eat smaller portions and eat healthy foods so that you get enough nutrition.

This eBook will help you to learn about how to manage your meals and drinking (plenty of water) in the first few days after your gastric band surgery session, and then into the long term; to ensure that you have the knowledge to eat healthily and get the nutrition you need.

Please read this guide and take your nutrition seriously. It will be the make the difference and lead you to success.

The Advantages of our Program


The actual medical surgery typically costs around $7,000. Our hypnosis is amazing value at a fraction of the cost!

For an in-person visit to a hypnotherapist can cost some hypnotherapists are charging upwards of $1,500 and even $3,000 for a series of in-person gastric band hypnosis sessions. This is a huge investment and huge risk to take (we have a 60 day money back guarantee), compared to our $297.97 investment price.


  • Recovery Time: As far as operations go the recovery time and time spent in hospital is minimal with gastric surgery. However there is still some discomfort from the scar and care needs to be taken to take things easy and rest. With hypnosis there is no wound / scar. You will feel 100% physically straight after your hypnosis sessions.
  • Complications: With actual medical surgery there can be many different complications, including some of the complications of a surgical gastric band including a slipped band (this could be life threatening), problems with swallowing, obstructions or blockages, feeling nauseous and vomiting, possible acid reflux, constipation or diarrhea. There is no danger, side-effects or risk of complications with our program!
  • Mortality: The actual surgical procedure is getting safer and safer, but depending upon the exact type of surgical procedure, mortality rates can be as high as 1/250 (with the Roux-en-Y method) or 1/2000 (with most more modern laparoscopic adjustable gastric band procedures). Even at “only” 1 death per 2000 procedures.. there is still risk. However, NO-ONE has ever died following gastric band hypnotherapy.

A World Leading Program

This program has taken us 1 year to develop and we believe it to be the world’s leading gastric band hypnosis series. The surgical track itself, recorded in 3D sound is a deeper, more realistic experience - as close as you can get without having the actual invasive surgery.

This is not just 1 session, but a whole series of hypnosis sessions to give you the vital pre-surgery alignment and subconscious support you need, as well as after support and follow on sessions.

We are so confident that this can be a life changing experience for you that of course this program is covered by our 60 day guarantee - if it doesn’t work for you we do not want to keep your money.

Wait! Is this Right for You?

We want to make sure our gastric band hypnotherapy sessions are right for you. We want you to be in the right mindset and have the right beliefs and expectations going in.. if you have these then this program really can help you.

So, before you progress, please think about and see if you can tick off and say yes to the following points:

  • I understand the recommendation to listen to the first 2 pre-surgery sessions for 1 week before listening to the actual surgery track.
  • I can commit to listening to the pre-surgery session every day for the first week.
  • I understand this is a month long programme. I am dedicated, and can commit the time required to succeed.
  • I understand this is a deep process, and if I follow it through will produce a really significant change in my life both mentally in my mindset and physically in my body - and I am ready for this change!

If you tick off these statements, if you are excited about the possibilities then you are the type of person who can follow this series through and gain success from this.

I am Ready!

The price of a real medical gastric band surgical procedure: $7,000
The price of live, in-person gastric band hypnosis session: $1,500
Our Gastric Band Hypnosis Program: Only $297

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I believed in the efficacy of hypnosis, but I'll admit I was a bit skeptical about the "virtual gastric band" approach. I figured it was worth a try, though, and I've been very pleased with the results. I particularly enjoyed the third recording. I have found that my appetite is much decreased, and so far I have lost 12 pounds. I'm a believer now!

Phyllis S., , Colorado, USA

I downloaded your gastric band series beginning May (I think!)...time whizzes by. My eating habits changed dramatically the very second day. Amazing. I am 64 yrs and as you get older the excess gets harder to shake. I was around 20 kg overweight and extremely sick of my overweight self. I have managed to control the "comfort food" eating, kicked potatoes, wheat, rice (all the white stuff) out the door and am a different person. To date I have lost 10kg, feel fabulous, more energy and confidence. Feel 44 again. The operation was so cool....I had a huge smile on my face when I surfaced.

Priscilla Smith, , Western Australia

I've lived all my last 8 years with a disturbing weight problem (1.83m = 108Kg) which made me feel nauseous when bending or excessive movement. I used the program 4 times. That was 3 months ago and now I already lost 12 Kg and weigh 96Kg. Something I've tried to achieve without success since last year. What I noticed was that the urge to eat too much is gone and the urge to snack in between meals doesn't occur at all, although I still snack now and then just enough to enjoy the flavor but not the volume. I don't have to concentrate on reducing my food intake, it just happens. Thank you

M. J. Baecke , , Belgium

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